Greetings from Canada! Looking for sitters!

Greetings from Canada!

We are Melanie and Mark from Corbeil (near North Bay), Ontario, Canada.

We are so excited to learn about this site and community of pet lovers!

I am a college and university professor and my husband is a mental health professional.

We are on a lovely lake with two cuddly, low maintenance dogs? Sauna? Outdoor jacuzzi? Tons of nature and recreational activities! And we have maple syrup season!

Stella (5 year old Boston Terrier) and Angus (4 year old Boston Bulldog)
We would love to host you in our cozy, private home just steps from a beautiful lake.


Your location sounds like a great place for a sit - would you allow use of a car? Get there on the bus from Toronto, right?
I spent a few weeks many, many years ago visiting a friend’s family house on Blue Sea Lake - 150 miles east of you in Quebec, I think.

Hello @MandMCanucks and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Your sit sounds lovely. Do you have any photos of Stella and Angus? :dog:

Just for reference, you can add the link of your TrustedHousesitter website profile or house sit listing to your forum profile. :blush:

Our profile is posted with plenty of pictures.

Welcome Melanie and Mark! I’m a fellow Canadian who lives in Vancouver. My husband and I have been sitters with THS for six years now and have done over 30 house sits and it’s been a wonderful experience which I’m sure you will also enjoy.