Brand New Here! Canadians Living in Guatemala excited to Travel!

Excited to have just signed up with TrustedHousitters! We are two Canadians who have lived in Guatemala for the past eleven years. We are the founders of a non-profit and are excited to start passing on some of our responsibilities to our amazing staff, as we venture out and begin travelling!

Is there a way to list our dates and location so that someone looking for a sit can find us? We have lots of flexibility.

Still exploring and figuring this all out!
I look forward to getting to know others here!

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HI @Heather_Alicia welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for your introduction it’s wonderful to be able to look forward to some travel freedom after working so hard to achieve life goals.

I have one question are you looking at TrustedHousesitters as sitters or owners looking to engage sitters? Should that read “Looking for sitters” I know you joined as sitters but sometimes “figuring it out” can cause a crossover, although I’m sure it’s to be sitters … just double checking.

A sitters location is part of their profile information on registering and shows on the site, some sitters who move frequently will change their location. There is a calendar to show availability and putting the information about your flexibility in your profile is a way to inform owners who use sitters profiles in the selection process.

I’m sure you will get other great feedback and ideas from our members and if you have any other questions please just ask.

We look forward to sharing in your new adventure … it’s all very exciting.

Angela and the Team

Morning! Thanks for the warm welcome and information.

We are purely sitters.

I had stated in our preferences we were interested in sitting in Canada and the USA but that is so broad. We are specifically looking for dates in certain cities. I’ve figured out how to list that but wondered if there was a way to refine that limit somewhere or someway else. Meanwhile, I’ve looked at Houses in certain areas we are looking at travelling to and have “hearted” them. I hope that is correct.

Thank you!

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Hi @Heather_Alicia Just one comment, about the ‘hearts’. If you mark the heart on the phone app, you’ll get a notification anytime that homeowner posts a new listing. However, you don’t if you click the heart on the website. I favourite them on my phone, so that I get the notifications. :heart:


Really good to know! Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it!