Newbie! Is it easy to find sitters for the holidays (all december) in Cold cities like Montreal?

Hi! I am new in TrustedHousesitters, and would like some advice before paying for the annual membership. :smiley:

I will need a cat/house sitter for December, however, I am afraid that since Montreal is a cold/snowy city during the holidays, it will be hard to find a sitter, even more because it is for over a month.

My question is, is it hard to find sitters for that length, in winter and during the holidays? I just would not want to pay if I would most likely not find someone. Since I would be paying my membership specifically for that sitting.

Thank you for the advice in advance :slight_smile:


HI @valentina-alonso ,
Welcome to the group. Trustedhousesitters offer a money-back guarantee if you do not receive any applications So you have nothing to lose!

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Montreal is at least a city, a real one. I enjoyed visiting when I lived in the US.

But I am back in Europe now. Last Christmas I was in Brussels, a bit too rainy but otherwise very enjoyable. This year I am looking for Prague, Vienna, or Berlin. For sits of at least two weeks.

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Welcome @valentina-alonso
It is hard to say what the odds are of finding a sitter but I just did a search for Montreal cat sitting over the festive period. One came up but it was only for a week and has two applications showing.
Xmas and New Year sits can be difficult to fill because you will be against strong competition. Many homeowners plan to go away and less sitters are available because they spend time with family and friends.
You could be fortunate and find someone who wishes to be in Montreal to visit friends or family. If they are travelling from afar a month is a good length of time.
If you go ahead and join make your listing as inviting as possible with clear photos of your home and cat. Mention the advantages of living in your area and things to do, transportation links etc.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Welcome, @valentina-alonso!

Good: cat sit, month, Montreal.

Less good: Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s sits are a sitter’s market (higher supply of sits, lower demand).

@Colin’s advice makes it simple. Except please read the T&C on the money-back guarantee, which are probably not as simple. :sweat_smile:

You should be able to get a copy of the official T&C for the money-back guarantee. If you can’t find it, ask member services or reply here. Peruse the T&C first, and save/print a copy for reference, in case the T&C are changed.

Hope it works out!


Hi @valentina-alonso, there are no guarantees with any sit that is listed. You have already been offered advice. It seems these days listings need to be presented like you were selling your home - clear internal and external house photos, cute photos of pets (not too many though) to attract great sitters. So taking the time and effort to do this will work in your favour. There are other threads on the forum and blogs on the website to guide you in doing this.

It’s not too early to advertise now either as it could well attract international sitters who need to book flights and hopefully get a good price where it covers the festive season.

If you don’t join THS, what happens to your cat for that month? Have you costed out what a cattery would be for that period?


I used to live in northern Vermont, so I know how cold Montreal is. But Montreal is a great fun city all year. You might try breaking up the sit. It’s a little risky, but someone traveling through might want a chance to experience Montreal, but might not want to be stuck there for a month. Another possibility for a traveling city is to provide a little flexibility, like maybe offer an occassional walker for a dog or drop in sitter for a cat in case the sitter wants a ski day or two in the Laurentians. There are ways you could write this up in your listing to make clear you are open to some possibilities.

There is a big pool of sitters here and it’s entirely possible you’ll find someone who needs to be in Montreal – researchers, students, etc. and for whom this would be a great deal. As others have said, post early! (But also think of a plan B.)

While you might not have as much interest as a tropical island, I’m sure you’ll find a sitter. The length helps as so many just want a sitter for a shorter time very close to the holidays. That means the sitter faces expensive holiday travel costs for just a short time.
Dan and Nan

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Sorry to say @Colin , but I don’t see that guarantee very useful at all. You can only get your money back, if you don’t have any applications at all. But if you do get one or two that are unsuitable, you still won’t be having a sitter and you won’t get your money back. Also, the guarantee is only for Standard and Premium membership.


As others have said, no one can promise success but creating the listing greatly increases the possibility.
A white Christmas, a cat for a month is someone’s dream. If I weren’t already committed to a beautiful Christmas in a 15th century English city, you would turn my head.


I would certainly not advise @valentina-alonso breaks up the sit, that is risky in so many ways and has been discussed to death on the forum


You’ve been given lots of good advice here. I’ve been to Canada twice, including Montreal, both times in winter….really must get there in the summer some time. It would be great to cosy up with a cat there, put on lots of layers and get outside exploring but I can’t help as will be in Auckland then.
If you do join then post your listing on the forum so we can give advice in case it needs improving.


I love visiting wintery places for the holidays. (I am already booked until February). Play to your strengths. Longer sits posted well in advance are attractive. Does Montréal have holiday markets and decorations? Are you in walking distance to amenities? Show a snowy picture on your listing. Do you have a cozy fireplace to cuddle up with a book and Fluffy? Nearby skiing? Good luck!


I think there’s a reasonably good chance that you’d get another Canadian as a sitter for your Montreal sit. Montreal’s a beautiful city with lots of festivities over the holidays. Not everyone wants to go south for the winter. :wink: We’re in Nova Scotia and that’s the type of sit we’d be interested in (not for this winter as we are out of the country for our son’s wedfing$. Worth posting to see if you get any nibbles! Good luck


@valentina-alonso plus one to what @amaro said.


Montreal is a fantastic city, I don’t think you’d have a problem finding someone who wants to spend a month there at all! The length of sit is probably a plus, probably easier to find someone who would do the month than just a couple of days over the holidays. I would list it as soon as possible if you decide to give it a try as people tend to book their holidays in advance.


You need to post asap , we have been booked for Christmas for months. Lots to organise for the sitter. Don’t forget you could get Canadian residents who want a change of scenery. List all the lovely attractions at that time of year.


Lots of sitters use it to visit family and friends in the holiday periods, and need a place to stay, so I wouldn’t worry too much. That’s exactly why we are pet-sitting at Christmas and New Year. One of our sits is for 3weeks and another for 2 weeks, so we won’t be at our home for at least 5weeks (probably more if we can find more sits in the area).

Also, some other would love to escape their normal lives for the holidays too, and snuggle up warm in different surroundings.

As a sitter i spent last winter on a few sits ( extended) in cold snowy places and have no issues with that. There’s something for eveyrone here. Had i not have had commitments already I would of applied. Montreal is a wonderful city so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect sitter.

Hi. Just to encourage you. We in general love to house sit around the end of year holliday season. I would also suggest to list your sitting several months in advance, so that people like us, can book flights from europe at the best price available.
Also for our part, (we are retired), a sit for a month duration is no problem at all.