Opinions on whether a home owner or sitter is covid vaccinated

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You should be terrified

“…judged for their personal health decision.”

My anti-vax/anti-mask cousin and her husband infected my (vaccinated, not yet boosted) aunt. My aunt died a lonely and horrible death from the then-new Delta variant in hospital October 2021. Cousin has long COVID.

I’m judging, thanks.


Thanks extremely odd. How could anyone prove they have not been vaccinated? I would avoid a listing like that because its irrational - not anything to do with vaccination or not.

I bet you had a milder case than if you’d not received the vaccines.

It’s not just the fact that vaccinated and boosted people are less likely to be infectious—at this point, most unvaccinated people in much of the world have been exposed. It’s that I trust people who get vaccinated to care more about the well being of others.

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