COVID Vaccination on our Profile

Hi, just wondering if it would be possible for Covid Vacs to be populated into our profile. We have police checks and references, and I think it would look good if our current vac certificate, or at least a tick box was included…

Today, for the first time since we have been double vacc’d, and since changin our profile to update it with current situation, I had to remember to put the information manually into our profile.

Just a thought


I would appreciate this very much!
I know this is a topic which is discussed widely an controversial but as HOs, who are vaccinated, it’s essential to us that the sitters have received their shots as well.
I even would go a step further and would welcome this information proofed by THS and listed with the other verifications like police checked or phone verified. Like this I wouldn’t have to go through the complete profile in order to find the information and rule out those that haven’t been vaccinated.


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COVID related discussions can become very controversial and divisive which is not what our forum is about and the subject of vaccinations is a very personal one.

Members can manage their own profiles and include relevant information in the body of text and owners can list their preferences for sitters in their listings. Any further discussions can be had between members when discussing individual sit arrangements.


You could upload a photo of the vax card/certificate, or a screenshot if it is digital.


I imagine from a practical point of view, this would be quiet difficult for THS.
Up to now double vaccination is the norm, what if in a few months we all need a 3rd or 4th? Does that mean that THS needs to do checks all over again?

When I apply for a sit I just mention that I am double vaccinated, so owners know straight away. And I’ve seen a lot of owners asking for it in their ad.
Seems like a good way of communicating?


Definitely not, that’s private medical information with no relevance to a pet sit (at least not from a scientific point of view). In any case, you can always opt for a handover with masks, which also protects you from being infected from someone who has been vaccinated.


Yes, having a badge or something else that shows you had your vaccination would be a nice feature to have. Opinions differ a lot on this subject, but if a houseowner prefers a vaccinated sitter, it should make it easier for them to create a shortlist of sitters if vaccination status is shown on the sitter profile.

I don’t mind showing my vaccination certificate to house owners myself, but I can imagine others finding this a privacy issue.

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Even if it is private I don‘t want unvaccinated people in my house! So a handover with masks is a big no. If someone isn’t vaccinated or doesn’t want to show proof it’s not the right sitter for me, it’s as easy as that.


What is the reasoning behind your attitude?

I agree with aspects of what both @Timmy and @Els mention. It’s so well documented now that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can contract and transmit Covid 19 (the outcome may be different but that’s a different topic) and waning efficiency of the vaccine would be impossible to track. It would also depend on anti-bodies and strength of personal immunity. And would we then need to register flu vaccines, or travel vaccines… where do you stop?

I have different concerns that vaccinated people see themselves as totally protected (we’ve had personal experience of this on several occasions just socially) and are lessening their care around hygiene and safety. How does one know when immunity has declined and even how protected one is in the first instance? For me there are still many more questions than answers.

We personally prefer to consider each house sit individually and base our decisions on like-minded owners who have a similar outlook on the pandemic to ourselves and who take the necessary safety precautions, vaccinated or non-vaccinated.

As full-time house sitters, we are choosing to remain open and inclusive on the issue of vaccination with no over-riding preference. It’s more about the overall attitude to the pandemic and personal safety and hygiene for us. We have continued to house-sit throughout the pandemic with only a short break during the very first UK lock-down, so we’ve had plenty of time and sit experience to develop our thinking and actions on this.

I know we’ll never all agree on this topic but we are hopefully a community that won’t perpetuate a divided world :slight_smile:


I am simply tired of people, who refuse to get the shots. I want my life back and as long as there are people who don’t want to take responsibility I don’t want anything to do with them. And here I am not talking about those who cannot take the vaccination but those who don’t want to participate in finally getting rid of the pandemic, because we could be much further if there weren’t so many defiant people. That’s the last I am going to say to this.


At what point do we take responsibility for ourselves?
Why are two people unable to have a discussion without making everything public?
Should we also create badges to identify our religious, sexual, political preferences? What about other infectious diseases that are easily and readily transmittable?
We already have an age category that puts some of us in a particular box.
Why not a badge that says “nomad” while we are at it?

We are individuals and given some of our previous discussions, we each have very strong preferences, attitudes and views.
We can very respectfully discern the information we need to know by having simple open communication with people directly.
We do not have to walk around with a scarlet letter that immediately places anyone in a box of undesirables.

On a personal note, I have “two friends” who have stopped speaking to me because I am vaccinated. We just can’t make everyone happy. Make yourself happy.

So this is my respectful two pence and that is all I will contribute to this subject.


Religion, sexual and political preferences or being a nomad isn’t infectious and that’s where the difference is.


I have noted my husband and I are fully vaccinated in our profile and if a home owner asked for proof, we’d happily share it.

However, I don’t think it would be feasible for THS to have a badge or other “verification” as such, simply because of the variety of requirements from one country to another, as well as the potential of needing boosters eventually.

I think it needs to be a conversation between home owner and sitter if it is important to one or both parties, just like any other factor that we use to determine if we want to accept a sit, or a sitter.

I don’t buy the “private information” argument. I mean, it’s fine it you want to claim that, but to me, that’s an answer in itself. You can refuse to discuss it, but you will likely lose a sitter or a sit, if the other person deems it important and you don’t.


I would think the simplest thing would be to tell homeowners/Housesitters that you’ve been vaccinated or not


On our applications we now say that we are double vaccinated and this information seems to be well received by home hosts


I don’t think this is a good idea, or necessary, for many of the reasons shared here already. In my experience, this hasn’t been an issue. In the 6 US sits we have booked since vaccines were available to all, not one owner has asked us about this, and because my husband and aren’t worried about their status, we don’t ask.

I know some of these people have gotten the vaccine for sure themselves based on things they said when meeting them ,or where they were planning to visit, so one thing that is clear to me is not assuming owners who don’t make mention of it must not be, or that anyone who has gotten it wants the same of the sitter.

If sitters see an advantage to publicizing this, they can do so on their profiles and application messages, and any owner who requires it can put it in their listing. Yes, I’m sure it is annoying when you get messages from people who clearly didn’t read your listing and all the ‘deal breakers’ but such is life.

This doesn’t pertain so much to this particular issue, but in general, I think people sometimes expect too much of the site, and want them to do things it is not on them to do.


I am concerned about vaccine status and my status - fully vaccinated since Feb 2021. I report my status in my application message and if the host doesn’t volunteer the information, I ask before accepting a sit.
Personally, that is enough for me - I don’t think it needs to be in the profile.
I’m old enough to remember the old yellow WHO card - which for me has had lots of different vaccine status recorded - smallpox, yellow fever, polio. I kind of wish we had them back.


I still have and use this yellow WHO card….actually it’s a booklet.
Of course it’s not essential to have the vaccination status in the profile. It would be convenient to browse the potential sitters, that’s all :wink:.
Hopefully this will not be necessary anymore in the future, because when most countries make it mandatory for travel, from a HO’s side, you can be sure every sitter from abroad has the latest vaccine.


It would be very convenient if vaccination status is in the profile. I was very disappointed when I asked a pet sitter if she was vaccinated and she went off on me…I was shocked.