COVID Vaccination on our Profile

Bizarre behaviour from a sitter and not the sitter for you.

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Admin here needs to tell pet sitters it is not their place to confront homeowners with their vaccine choices…but to politely decline if they have not been vaccinated. But don’t respond in anger. Which she did. I was flabbergasted.


I disagree. In order to travel widely once again and safely, and to keep everyone safe, we need to have the C19 vaccine as and when offered. It’s the right, and the respectful thing to do. I wouldn’t be comfortable accepting a housesit if the HO’s opinions on this were different to mine. I want to shout it from the rooftops that I am double vaccinated and about to have a booster.


Unfortunately, some people think they know better than the scientists on this one. I’d be flabbergasted too!


Can we please remind everyone the topic is “COVID Vaccination on our Profiles” not the rights and wrongs of any member’s personal opinion towards COVID vaccinations.


I agree. A medical check of any kind is very private and interferes with one’s bodily autonomy

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You don’t need to tell anybody, but then you may find that those who you refuse to give the information to, won’t choose you as a sitter, it’s as simple as that.
I found it’s only the non-vaccinated people insist on keeping it private, all the others are proud to be able to tell. So why not tell it? It’s clear anyway.

You can of course choose to write in your profile whatever you like and if you wish to exclude a certain group of people it’s best to state that clearly in your listing (or profile), so neither party’s time is being wasted. But to implement a badge is not a great idea, since it takes away your right to chose what information to share.

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Thank you to everyone for your contributions, we’re going to close this topic now as there are no new suggestions or opinions on whether this information might or might not be on profiles/listings and that was the purpose of the post.

If any member has an idea or suggestion relating to this subject which they feel is important and wish to share please DM either myself or Vanessa

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