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I tried Nomador as a HO earlier this year, before joining THS. I did get quite a few applicants. The problem was, all but one were very short and written in very poor English or with a Google translator.

English is not my first language and I live in a country with a third language. I do need a sitter, with whom I can trust that we understand each others.

Great topic!

The first ever house sitting website I ever joined was Housecarers. I couldn’t have asked for a better first introduction to pet-sitting. The sit exceeded my expectations in every way. That being said, I think I did get particularly lucky as I notice that site doesn’t have a massive range of choice or at least it didn’t the last time I looked which was a good while ago. For that reason, I’m no longer on it.

I’ve also used House Sitters UK which I’ve mostly had good experiences with to be fair but I very seldom use it. In my opinion, it could do with a bit of a refresh and an overall update as I find the website a bit clunky to use but then again, it is very economical in terms of the annual fee.

THS seems to be the one with the most global reach and the most amount of choice. This is the website I’d say I’ve done the vast majority of my sits with due to the far greater range of choice. I’ve had some fantastic experiences on here as well as some of my worst ever and everything in between. It’s taught me a lot about how to be very discerning and to always ask the right questions before proceeding and getting locked into an arrangement.

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We just joined housesit match as an alternative.
As a sitter, there is no denying the fact that there are fewer sitting opportunities so I would probably only join when there is a joining offer on , but as a homeowner, they have plenty of sitters available so would recommend them as a great alternative and well worth joining at any time.

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I like the ethos of House Sit Match, and Mind my House. I’ve signed up with Nomador as we hope to be in Europe next year. Being in the UK for now, will probably join Mind my House to run alongside my remaining TH, to help with any overlap situations that crop up.


Hello, just a quick reminder that when discussing experiences on other housesitting sites as per the posting terms you can not share links or promotional codes. You can not directly promote any other sites as per the posting terms but can discuss experiences on these other platforms that relate to housesitting, as has been discussed on the forum before.
Any questions feel free to DM me - thank you :slight_smile:

Just a heads up on MMH, we used it for Asia and were let down more than once by flaky HOs who moved dates, confirmations and details of sits they’d supposedly “confirmed”. It might have been the style of owners in very chilled locations but have not renewed as it’s almost too cheap to feel like real membership. For that part of the world FB sites were much more committed people.

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They can- but sitters can’t apply if they have an existing sit that even overlaps by one day due to the recent change THS made

Could you DM me with some FB sites, please?

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Of course. Will do :+1:t3:

My main reason for re-joining another site than THS would be to get full access to all available sits.

Earlier today I was lucky to refresh the listings page just as one of my favourites had posted new dates, so I managed to get an application in with the first 5 (no answer yet). Their listing disappeared within less than an hour though (“reviewing applications”). As right afterwards I went outside for 1.5 hour do some shopping and take a walk in the park, I would have missed my ‘window of opportunity’ to apply had they posted any later.

That would be Ok if there were plenty of sits to choose from, however in my 9 years on THS, the months of October through March, except for Xmas, often only have a trickle of suitable sits that I’m interested in. Before the 5 appl rule, that generally resulted in spotting 2-3 sits a week to apply for. With the 5 appl rule, in many weeks it results in zero sits to apply for. And time wasted each day with checking listings but getting nowhere, as those 2-3 sits fill up before I can get to them if not really staying on top of the site. E.g. I should probably refresh the site no less than every 15 min, but I don’t manage to - I work full time and have a life.


How is membership cost covered by a sit or two? I don’t know of any sites that offer payment to sitters, so all the cost is borne by the sitter.

@rosawoodsii There are sitters that save money my renting out their own home or by not having a fixed home.

But yes, also I would say that the THS fee is easily covered by the pleasure of spending time in different countries, in the comfortable accommodation of a real home. With a free pet!


@rosawoodsii you are correct sitters don’t receive any payment. Instead of paying for a hotel or Airbnb when we visit an area we can get accommodation without charge in exchange for looking after someone’s home and pets .

So as sitter we save the money that we would have otherwise spent on a hotel or air bnb.

So comparing the Membership cost to what it would cost in hotel or Airbnb fees (plus the time it will take to properly take care of the responsibilities of house and pet sitting ) sitters can work out how much they will save and if it’s a good option for them.

We have just been accepted for a sit in beautiful area of Cornwall UK next year . It’s an area that we’ve wanted to visit for sometime. To rent a cottage in the same area would costs us £1800 for a week . We are more than happy look after the pets ( including daily dog walks on the costal paths which we would be doing anyway) in exchange for staying in a home without charge in that area . So our annual membership fee covers that holiday and more .


If you don’t find value in the exchange, makes sense to not use a platform like THS. You could consider sitting for money on other platforms. Clearly, many of us find value in the trades or we wouldn’t do them, since all THS sits are entirely voluntary.


Say what? Clearly you have read into my answer something that is unintended.

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This is the new service youre all asking me about. You have to do an interview before acceptance. Then they do a bespoke match. They’ve had some good press. You pay a membership but it doesn’t kick in until you book your first sit. Payment is possible - I’m guessing if you can legally work where the sit is. Not something we’d be interested in because we’re never home: Trust My Pet Sitter. I am NOT affiliated with them in any way and am still waiting for them to prove themselves before I recommend. But I haven’t made it easy because i keep reducing the time frames I gave then by booking other sits.

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@Brightlight thank you for sharing. Just to make sure…The site interview is prior to payment?

@BunnyCat yes. AND it seems like the link has been removed to “Comply”. The name is Trust My Petsitter.

@Brightlight hmm… interesting. I googled them and found a Reddit from 4 months or so ago where people were very critical of their high fees… but when I looked at the site either the Reddit poster was wrong or they’ve changed their fees again.
So it sounds like they screen everyone more carefully. But then you basically have a matchmaker who searches for sits FOR you? I dunno… I’d like to browse… You can’t see the sits until you join? And it sounds really random whether sitters are paid or not and how much. I hope you’ll share your experience if you end up working for them.


Links are a bad idea on a forum as someone could post a link to somethign mailicious (or you could just get rick-rolled)

Trust My Petsitter looks like a clone of THS with some words replaced. Doesn’t instill confidence that they are esentially just ripping off the whole website. and concept with a couple minor tweaks.
Although extra points if it’s actually run by the same people as THS and they’re scooping up people leaving THS looking for an alternative :rofl: