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These people say that they are Scottish. THS was English (but @Jenny is in Scotland :slight_smile: )

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there is no Jenny in the company, at least not in a leading role. There are, however, two Angelas … with different surnames though :sweat_smile:

Apparently it’s been set up by someone called Sinead Fitzsimons but can’t find a profile on Linked In for her #rubbishsleuth

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@Cuttlefish , look for Angela Fitzsimons. According to gov docs she is the founder


@RadarInc I see it as Angela Fagan founder of Trust My Pet Sitter

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@ExploreDreamDiscover yes on Linkedin, the other Angela is listed on gov uk

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I found a post that said this.

“Sinead Fitzsimons and mum Angela Fagan founded Trust My Pet Sitter”

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The two Angelas could be the same person. They are born the same year. Perhaps she remarried and changed her name.

Added: The “mystery” is solved. There is only one Angela—Angela Flagan, formerly Fitzsimons.

Is there a prize for the winner of this sleuth game? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::ninja:


As is @Angela_L

Always! I owe you a box of dark Tunnocks tea cakes @ziggy if you solve it! :raised_hands:t3::rofl::thinking:


@Cuttlefish appreciate the Tunnocks offer and I can solve it, but not without a hashtag :rofl:


Sorry @ziggy. Case closed. Family affair :mrs_claus: :santa: :child:


We started sitting on House Sitters UK. It’s nowhere near as slick as THS but we’ve had some really good sits via that platform and still check it out from time to time.


Hmm. Wag goes to Amazon, Nightsitter yield at 503 error, petsolutions goes to a placeholder page. Doing searches on any of them yields various results, but no petsitting or housesitting. Rover is definitely legit and active.

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Me too. Just had my first great sit with them & another in August

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We are interested in joining Kiwipetsitters so we can stay in NZ a bit longer, so we will appreciate any advice on using the site. Do we try to copy reviews from THS to KPS? Do we stand a chance to land a sit if we are brand new to the platform. Should we pay for the ID verification? In the past we tried Mindmyhouse but we didn’t get any sits although we spent a good amount of time building out our profile.

@BunnyCat I’ve not used KiwiHouseSitters but have used AussieHouseSitters which is a sister company. I had no difficulty getting sits as in my profile I outlined my experience through THS and that I was happy to give owners a link to that with all my reviews. Enjoy NZ as it’s a beautiful place.