Other People in the House

I have just read the detail of a house sit I am interested in. However reading the information it states that the parent of one of the HO’s who lives nearby “will be around the house during the sit” - I am assuming just visiting but this is not clear. However is this permitted under the THS rules if it is mentioned up-front? It is not something I would feel comfortable about so would not follow up on the sit but just interested to know what the expectations are.


I think there is a third party rule that excludes such an arrangement on THS. But personally I think: whatever is clearly stated in the listing and mutually agreed upon before the confirmation is OK.


Hi @LizBCN … This isn’t permitted under the third party rule so thanks for bringing to our attention. If you can direct message me the details - a link, the location or title of the listing so we can find it, and we will get the listings team to reach out to the owner.
All the best, Vanessa


Hi Vanessa

I clicked on your heading above and sent you a message that way. I hope that was correct. If not, let me know and I’ll re-send.


Hi @LizBCN - I got your message and have just replied. Many thanks and I’ll close this off now as it’s been passed to the support team. All the best and thanks again, Vanessa

Closed as passed to listings team for clarification - thanks everyone.