Visitors to the house

I’ve seen threads about HOs’ friends dropping in before, but what about family members staying overnight? We were told that a family member would be staying overnight a few times, and invited to treat them like a guest.

They’d also given neighbours my mobile number without asking, who would come in to get things or take the dog for a walk.

I don’t think any of the above is okay by TH guidelines, so how does it happen? (We’ve had a couple of experiences of unexpected visitors before… though never overnighters!) As we aren’t HOs, we don’t see that side of the process - are the guidelines obvious and clear?

Hello @Sunshine_G and I am sorry to hear of these instances you mentioned. I have attached a thread which also may be of interest to you

I have also attached the policy with regard to a third party staying in the home whilst there is a sitter in place.

I hope this helps to clarify this matter for you.


Thank you Samox24. I think maybe not all HOs know about the policies… I’m not sure whether they see them as part of creating the listing, or whether they’d have to hunt? As sitters we don’t see that side of the process!

@Sunshine_G All of this information can be found on the TrustedHousesitters website under the heading Help Desk found at the bottom and then select During A Sit. There are many topics covered on here and it is very informative for both homeowners and sitters.

@Sunshine_G This happens because unfortunately some sitters feel obliged to let it happen. We certainly don’t allow it and would refuse.

I now add this to the long list of questions during my first contact once a sitting is agreed. I ask them if they are aware of the Code of Conduct and will there be any third parties while we are there. If they say yes then we tell them it is against the code and we withdraw from the sitting.


‘treat them like a guest’.

Oh my days… I’d be livid! You’re not running a B&B! :flushed:

are the guidelines obvious and clear?

Yes. Any HO who isn’t following the rules is trying to pull a fast one and using you, as opposed to offering a fair exchange. What a terrible situation to have been put in. :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi @Sunshine_G - just wondering if these things came to light before or after confirming the sit? If they are brought up after confirmation I think it is grounds for withdrawing.
It is important to keep messaging in the THS system so there is a log.
Personally we are OK with cleaners, gardeners etc and hopefully this would be mentioned in a video/telephone call, or at the very least the welcome guide.

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It came to light after confirming the sit, but a bit too late for either of us to change plans. Yes, we’re fine with cleaners and gardeners too, and sometimes visits for other purposes, though ideally we like to discuss first when we can. It’s good learning for me, to ask about a few things before confirming - even when it seems unlikely there’ll be a problem. I think people sometimes just don’t read the detail. And perhaps some are used to a ‘staff’ type relationship, and don’t immediately get the TH concept.

@Sunshine_G I can understand your concern and wondering if this is something you are presently experiencing.

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@Sunshine_G one of my standard questions as a sitter is merely to ask if anyone else has a key or access code to the property. I then ask if they’ve been made aware of the details of my stay and how things work. I can elaborate, where I see a need. Best to clear the air from the start. As someone else has also mentioned, remember to exercise your right to say no when something seems unreasonable to you. :slightly_smiling_face:


What a graceful way of addressing the question, Snowbird. Thank you.

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Not acceptable in my book! I hope in your review of them you mention that this happened to help other sitters out and I’d let the HO know that she is not following the guidelines.

I’ve advocated before for ‘ratings’ for sits as well as sitters. Eg Accuracy of Listing, Comfort and Cleanliness - and maybe Adherence to Guidelines. I think not everyone reads all the guidelines. I do believe that once most people realise what the deal is, they stick to it in future.

@Sunshine_G we are on a sit and feeling like the hired help after being told on arrival about third parties who will be on site :frowning: first time this has happened.

OMG… What a flippin cheek! I’d be absolutely furious.

Hi @Crookie I have sent you a Direct Message.

Hi @Crookie, that is not good at all. Glad to see Angela will be in touch with you. Hopefully the owners will be made aware of the 3rd party policy if you haven’t raised it with them already. Places you in a difficult situation.

We are house and pet sitters, not chaperones for children or, hosts for family & friends