Using TrustedHousesitters when my teen is in the home as well

I’m new to trusted house-sitters and was wondering if I can have a house sitter for my two dogs but also have my two teenage kids stay in the house. I’m taking a two-week trip and my kids stay home alone and don’t need a babysitter, but they are out of the house so much (and sleeping out, etc.) that I want somebody to housesit to watch my two dogs. If the house-sitter (and my kids) are okay with it, is it allowed?

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Hello and welcome. Speaking as a sitter, we appreciate you asking, rather than just assuming all will be OK. Your home must be vacant - no one other than the sitters there. You can find the details in this Code of Conduct blog post.


Hi @Rami5
I agree with @Snowbird . Just being curious and not a criticism; did you have to sign up to the Code of Conduct before you signed up? We oldies on the site are told that all new members have to agree before signing up so I am simply wondering what the procedure was when you joined.? Thanks

Hello @Rami5 and welcome to both TrustedHousesitters and our community forum. We hope you enjoy connecting here with other members, and as you’ve already seen they are both friendly and helpful.

As @Snowbird correctly advises, TrustedHousesitters are clear about their “third party policy” and how a home must be left vacant (including family members) during a house sit. Here’s the information and guidelines specifically about third parties:

So unfortunately, in this instance it wouldn’t be permitted for your children to use the property along-side sitters. Is there somewhere they could perhaps stay while you are away - with friends or family maybe?

Sorry it’s not the answer you were perhaps hoping for, but hopefully you can find a work around so that can leave the property vacant while you are away. All the best, Vanessa

This happened to us on a Housesit in Malaysia. The HO did say that her sister would be there also since she was finishing college and had no other place to go. We had no problem with that and accepted the housesit anyway. We were worried that her sister would be uncomfortable with us being there, but we only saw her a couple of times.