Curiosity about the house that will host the Petsitters

Hi everyone, I’m Michela and I’ve been using ths for several years.
I thank heaven for giving me the opportunity to meet this beautiful community, since I have been using it, my holidays are more relaxed and peaceful.
I just have a curiosity, to date the house where the housesitters stayed was always at their disposal, what would happen if there was already another person in the house? like a son? could we always find someone interested in coming?

Hi there! Having a 3rd party stay in the house is against THS rules. See this page for further info:

"A pet parent must ensure that their property is vacant and that no other person will be living in the home apart from the sitters. This includes (and is not limited to) no family members, tenants or employees."

Hope that answers your question! :blush:


Thanks all clear

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