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Hi there. Researching to sign up. I can’t seem to find an answer to this topic. We have a 22 year old son with autism who will stay home. He cares for himself, has a job, and goes out daily with a support group. However- he does not take care of our 2 dogs and a week long management of our home, ie trash, mail, plants, safety. Is it still possible to have a sitter? Obviously one who is comfortable with the arrangement before hand or is this completely against TOS? Thank you!

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@tnt I can totally understand your question, but unfortunately, this is considered a third party in the home, which is not allowed through TrustedHousesitters. Please see below for Code of Conduct excerpt:

Third party policy
The TrustedHousesitters third party policy has been implemented in line with our code of conduct and Terms and Conditions. This policy explains when a third party can be present during a sit and how members need to arrange this appropriately.

In line with our sitter and pet parent guidelines, and to ensure the security and privacy of all members, pets and homes, we do not allow other people on the property whilst a sit is ongoing. Once a sitter has begun their sit, we require that the pet parent(s) have vacated the property for the entirety of the stay, and no other individuals (apart from the confirmed sitters) are present during the sit.

Pet Parent third party policy

A pet parent must ensure that their property is vacant and that no other person will be living in the home apart from the sitters. This includes (and is not limited to) no family members, tenants or employees.

Pets are always allowed to be present during a sit!

If they have arrangements in place for people such as cleaners, gardeners and maybe even maintenance people to come in periodically to complete tasks or help maintain the home, then this is allowed. If there are any arrangements in place this must be shared with a sitter (for example “gardener comes in once a week for 2 hours”) before confirming the sit. The pet parent should stipulate the potential for any third parties to be present during a sit by putting that information in their listing.

I hope you understand.

I do understand and happy to have such a quick reply. :blush: thank you

I have seen sits advertised where it has been mentionerd they have a lodger, who will be there. Not actually applied for one with a lodger though. But I have house sat a couple of times when grown up cxhildren have been present for a couple of days or more. Also one sit where a teenager spent a couple of days at home and then had a group of friends come around, before all going off fo a weekend together. I was always asked if I was Ok with it first though. Must admit didn’t quite know, regarding all the friends turning up. Also sits with builders coming and going, even within the house, as well as gardeners and cleaners. I think with regards to a family member still staying in the home, that it should be OK, if it has been first passed with the sitter as being OK. It can sometimes be difficult for home owners, if they have children at Uni etc. they may not always know when they are wishing to return home. It can sometimes be a last minute decision.

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Hello, @Visit Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. You have raised some valid points. It is also a great topic to discuss and hopefully, this information will further help. How the site works is there should not be any third parties, including any family members staying at the house at all during the sitting period.

Owners agree to this in the Code of Conduct and T&Cs upon joining. The third-party rule, especially regarding family members may seem slightly unusual to some and some new owners may need guidance regarding this if they missed it. But the third-party rule is in place for a very good reason to protect the sitter’s privacy and for safety reasons.

Also to make sure that the sitter is solely responsible for the home and care of the pets during the sit and that there is no confusion about who should be doing what if there are other family members staying there at the same time. Also, should something go wrong like an illness or accident with a child or family member it will be too much of a responsibility for the sitters.

As a sitter myself I think I would feel too exposed walking around the home in PJs with others in the house, but that might just be me!

It is great that you have been flexible in these situations, but you are under no obligation to agree to a third party being on the sit. If you see a listing that mentions this or you are asked by an owner then please let Membership Services know at support@trustedhousesitters.com or reach out to a moderator here. I will be more than happy to help you or other members.

This also includes things such as building work but excludes gardeners and cleaners as long as the owner makes you aware.

It is great to work with owners and be flexible as you mentioned last-minute things can happen, but no family members/third parties can be present during the sit as it makes for a successful experience for both parties. Everyone needs to feel safe and comfortable.

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