Our sitter canceled! Sitter needed for Mable the Schnoodle July 13th to August 10th, Riverview FL, USA

Dates:July 13-Aug 10
Location:Riverview FL
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Request:sitter canceled yesterday. We have a sweet dog and a nice house. I’m trying not to panic.

Thanks for posting @Cyndi1 - I updated your title to show the dates, location and pet type just to see if it catches anyone’s eye.

I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share a photo of Mable from your listing, as I think anyone reading needs to see what a cutie she is!



Hi @Cyndi1, Mabel looks a cute dog. My suggestions for your listing are you need to include far more in your responsibilities section in relation to Mabel. Sitters need to know how often and long she is walked; how long she can be left alone (4 hours is usually expected but not every day); where does she sleep; how frequently is she fed; is she walked on/off lead. I’m sure other members will include more advice.
Your Amenities list also needs fully completing as beds/bedrooms are not mentioned - only in your photos.
You have described your location briefly but made no mention of house details in that section.

Hey there,
I see that you have an applicant, I hope it works out for you! I definitely agree with the above suggestions. Your listing is quite vague and seems like it was written in a rush with the bare minimum information posted, which is not ideal for any listing, yet alone a sit that is 1 month long.

For the future or if your current applicant doesn’t work out, you really need to give some compelling reasons (straight away!) why a sitter should choose you, describing your home & what’s appealing about it, where sitters will sleep, what amenities they’ll have, and more detail about what’s in the area to see and do. Seeing as it’s not accessible by public transport, will sitters need their own car, or will they be able to use yours? This is especially important for a sitter who may be coming from abroad or further afield from the mentioned nearby airport…

Your responsibilities section absolutely should not be left at one sentence - this is the most important part of your listing, and you are leaving sitters completely in the dark here. What are the dog’s needs, personality & behaviours? What is their feeding & walking routine? Are they good with other dogs? How long can they be left alone? What about the pool that appears in your images - will a sitter need to be experienced in maintaining a pool?

Also consider that your listing’s title & profile picture does little to stand out & attract attention.

I suggest giving this blog a read to help fill out your listing. Hope that helps! :blush: