Our UK Spring & Summer sitting destinations if anyone is interested to meet?

You also have two accounts, don’t you @Colin, which allows you to organise overlapping sits? If sitters only have one account @Karen65, they cannot do overlapping sits. Starting and finishing sits on the same day is okay.

@temba , we do have 2 accounts but also find sits from Facebook groups. Also, even solo sitters can join other sites at a minimal cost should they wish. We see lots of instances of the same listing advertised on multiple platforms although to be honest, I would not recommend overlapping as a solo sitter- sticking to back to back if possible is a far better option.


Glad you elaborated @Colin as @Karen65 can understand more how you have overlapping sits due to being members of other sites as well as THS.

I’m in Marlow Bottom 2nd to 12th Sept and Barton Le Clay 13th to 16th Sept. Back to back😜. Not sure yet how I will get from A to B🤔. Am looking for sits in the UK until the 5th of Oct as I’m doing the Schengen shuffle and cannot re enter until that date.
How do I /can I post somewhere that I’m looking for sits during that time? I would like to tie in some sits earlier (now ish)rather than when im in Europe.

I too will be in the UK in September. Be nice to catch up depending on the location. I too will not have transport and will be relying on public transport. My second sit (booked) is apparently a 40 minute train ride from London

Hi @Karen65

Marlow bottom to Barton Le Clay is a bit of a faff of a journey with numerous changes but should take you around 3 hours by train or 4 hours by bus.

Check trainline railcards to see if you are eligible for any, they cost little and will save you a lot!

Add the UBER app to your phone and book all your train travel through it. They often have promos and refund 10% of your train spend via Uber credit. You can book flights through the UBER app too, but be careful to compare with booking direct with the airline as prices can differ

The only way to find sits in places you want to be is to create searches with relevant filters for dates/ duration of sit etc. Do this on the app as you should get notified quicker if anything appears that may be if interest to you.

Hi Colin
Thanks for your response and your handy info re installing an Uber app. Yes I realized too late that Barton Le Clay is a hike from Marlow Bottom. I’m wondering if I bite the bullet and just take an Uber or taxi to get to Barton.
I’m new to THS and sitting in Sydney making these bookings. Beginners mistakes I guess. With a sense of adventure and love of travel I will go with the flow


Personally, I’d go by train- its definitely doable, UBER will be really expensive.

You can do it on the train in 3 hours , just enjoy the journey :wink:

I live in Brighton so please come on one of my free walking tours of the City! And a coffee too of course afterwards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks Colin for the advice. I don’t think there’s a direct train. I looked it up and there’s buses and trains and looked quite complicated. I’m beginning to stress even though the lovely lady told me I could arrive at any time that she was just going down to the coast. Not sure how far or close this coast is🤔.
I do love trains and would definitely enjoy the trip. Will recheck. Am tempted to cancel the sit because I really don’t want to end up getting there too late. What do u think an Uber would cost? I’d write it off against the free accommodation.
I’m really very new to this and especially doing house sits in the UK. Im from Sydney (Oz) and doing the Schengen shuffle hence the trip to the UK. Once I get the hang of things I will not be as anxious. Also because I’m on my own it makes it just that bit more apprehensive
Thank you anyway for your kind advice. I suppose you just drove around do you? Are you from the UK?

We don’t drive so use mainly train and UBER to get around.

I did a check and think an UBER will cost you around £80 although riving does change often depending on supply and demand at the time you need one.

We are UK based, the train system here has a bad reputation but to be honest we’ve never had any issues. Just keep an eye out for any strike days, they are announced well in advance so a quick Google search will let you know.

As long as you can set off relatively early the train journey will take 3-4 hours, the changes look easy so I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s all part of the adventure :wink:

If you are aged 60 (edited) or older you can buy a railard here that will give you 30% off most UK train travel https://www(dot)railcard(dot)co(dot)uk/

Damn I will be turning 65 halfway through my sit😜
Thanks for checking about the train. I am planning to leave early in the morning so hopefully should get to Barton Le clay by lunch time at least.
Thank you so much for your support. It’s been much appreciated.
Where r u originally from? which of you is Colin and what’s the other man’s name?
PS Do these emails get posted on the THS site??

@Karen65 , I will send you a private message

Hi Colin and Karyo I will be in the UK and sometimes possibly quite close. Will keep in touch and check if we can meet up. I will be relying on public transport.