Our UK Spring & Summer sitting destinations if anyone is interested to meet?

@Colin I’ll keep an eye on your plans and work out if there is an opportunity to meet up with you. We do have a sit in Southwater, Sussex in the summer, but you are heading off to Beaconsfield a couple of days after we arrive!

We are still looking for another sit before Southwater, but probably a little further north and west. After Southwater we are hoping to venture across the channel, but nothing has come up so far. Otherwise we’ll probably stay near the south coast a while longer.

If all else fails, Winchester could be a nice day trip from home!

@Debbie ,That is such bad luck! we are in Horsham until the 26th of July, is that just before you arrive?

@Colin yes, we are in Southwater from 29th July!

Will keep a check on your locations @Colin and will be in touch should we secure sits nearby or be passing through.

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The UK is not in our plans this year. I feel SO left out…
FOMO is real :rofl:


When you are in Winchester, I live in nearby Romsey (66 bus takes around 30 mins), and grew up in Winchester, so let me if you fancy meeting a local! I’m around both your weeks there.


What a lovely idea - we’re in London, happy to meet up!

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Super! I’m going to be in London first two weeks of April too. I’d like a meeting!

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Wow! You guys are busy. Let us know if you ever get to Spain

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We will !

Happy to meet in East Wittering. I’m doing a sit at the same time. We could me in one of the coffee shops there if you don’t want in the HO house as I got it.

Hi @Marian7 , seeing as you are in the sane area Im sure we can arrange a coffee.

The reason we are not as keen to meet in that period is because we have my mother in law staying with us at this sit and she doesnt speak English so we don’t want to be leaving her alone for long lengths of time.

Ah, I see. In any case just let’s keep in touch and happy to meet😀

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I grew up in Winchester too @DianeS :raised_hands:


@Cuttlefish - Posh totty :wink:


School was like Hogwarts @Colin #nojoke :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think we might have been at the same school!

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@Colin, I am in London from now until the 21st April so happy to meet you or if a group meet up is arranged, that would be great!

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Hi how did you manage to book back to back sits? Also noticed a few are overlapping. How do you manage this? I suppose there’s two of you so one can go ahead while the other finishes a sit?
Would love to do this next year as I will be bobbing around in Europe trying to fulfill the Schengen rule of 90/180.

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It is relatively easy to get back to back sits in the UK if you are flexible with location choice, and being a couple makes it much easier as we can split up at the start and end of sits to fill any voids - this is more difficult for solo sitters but many home hosts are happy to be flexible allowing sitters arrival a day before they leave and/or sitters departure a day after they return.

We try to do longer sits too which also helps.