Owner not responding on arrival day

We finished sitting today for first time pet parents. Several pets in a rural location. As agreed, we left about 2 hours before they arrived, once we knew they landed safely.

However, despite 3 prompts from us (2 texts and 1 call attempt), it’s crickets. We don’t actually know if they’ve made it home in one piece. Not sure what to do. We only had the one owner’s number, no emergency contact apart from the vet. I get it that they might be tired or resting, but surely a short thank you, we’re home are in order?

Could membership services check in with them? We are within an hour’s drive if we needed to go back for any reason.

A reminder to everyone to keep communicating even after a sit!!

Hi @botvot I have Direct Messaged you.


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Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity, I have sent you the details. Still no word from them and it’s 5 hours later than their planned arrival.

HI @botvot I have sent another Direct Message … they are now home, phone problems. All is well. Breathe and relax.