Owners posting wrong dates

About 2 weeks ago I accepted a sit - it was a great situation - perfect fit between 2 other sits so I could travel directly from one to the next without gaps. The new sit was actually listed with the wrong date - posted as starting July 26 but the owner wanted me there on July 25 and that was fine.
Last week the owner wrote me that she had misread her travel plans and actually wanted me there on July 24. I couldn’t do that and offered to arrive earlier on July 25.
Today the owner cancelled - she really felt that because of health issues with the dog she needed to meet the sitter on July 24.
Okay that is fine - but she reposted the sit with the original July 26 start date. I wrote and suggested she revise the posting to avoid repeating the problem again. And just saw that she did revise the dates.
I just needed to vent on this one! It is still 5 weeks away so hoping to fill in the gap. And fortunately the airlines aren’t charging change fees. I guess maybe this is a reason to upgrade my sitter membership so I could take advantage of the new cancellation insurance. I could have had a week in San Francisco paid for by TH.


Ooh that must have been frustrating. We had that happen once as well, but luckily the home owners were more than accommodating due to their own error and they found someone to watch their house/pet for the extra day before we arrived.

After a number of discussions with a HO, and accepting the sit, I messaged them the night before saying looking forward to meeting them the next day. That was when they realised they had the dates wrong!! But since I had already booked flights they accepted the mistake and I went a day early and had a free day to explore before the sit started.

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Yes, most HOs have been good - I think the nicest HO was a veterinarian in Sweden. She cancelled because they weren’t going to be traveling but offered that if I was still traveling to Sweden and needed a place to stay, her boyfriend would move to her place for the week and I could have his apartment. Of course I couldn’t travel either, but her offer was so generous.


That must have been very frustrating for you…

As a HO, maybe you sitters could answer a question for me… We liked sitters to arrive the day before we leave, so that we can have a bit of time handing over and ensuring the dogs are settled. The sits that we’ve arranged thus far, we have arranged this with the sitters during the application process… But… Is it better for me to advertise the dates that we’re going away, or should I advertise it from the day before…?

As a full-time sitter when possible I would like to see dates required to include the day before if that is when you want a sitter to arrive, even if it means me staying locally in a hotel or Airbnb after meeting you and your pets. I sometimes go directly from one sit to another and if dates don’t include all days required I may not be available the day before, possibly travelling or waiting for owners to return.

I usually offer this in my initial application, and on a couple of occasions have been asked to arrive more than one day early.

Agree with Petermac - post the dates you want me to be there - if a day early then include that, if a day later include that.
I will still confirm things with the HO either by email or conversation.
And I’ll also ask if that includes staying at your place the day before while you are still around.
In 2 cases, the HO asked me to be there a day early and then paid for the hotel - in Edinburgh, they picked me up at Waverly Station (with the dog), went to the house, had dinner and then they put me up at a hotel as they said the house was too hectic when they were preparing for a trip. I made my way to the sit the next morning. On a Miami sit, the HOs met me and showed me around and then put me up in hotel because of Covid.

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@Petermac @toml Thanks both for your replies. We like to invite sitters for a meal and stay at the house with us the night before we go away, we have dinner and do a local dog walk or two. Our sitters use one of the spare bedrooms, so space is not an issue… But following your replies I will advertise sits to include the day before we leave.


Not sure where you are located, but something else to think about is the distance a sitter travels to be with you. I once flew from a sit in northern Thailand to Yokohama in Japan, and the travel time was almost 24 hours, so was glad to get a day with the owners, and a rest!!

Also something some HO in some counties forget is the length of time a sitter can actually stay - if travelling internationally - an extra day may take them over the visa limit. This happened to me early on in my sitting, I had a sit in vietnam and needed to get a 3 month visa for a 32 day sit. The HO were away for 30 days, but with travel days etc, actually needed 32 days.

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I think the wording has changed so that it actually states: Dates that you want the sitter

We never do back to back sittings as we like to spend time at home being busy. So it is very annoying when the HO adds a day on after it has been agreed.
I now ask: “What time would you like us to arrive and depart as I have to factor in travelling times”
If the answer is vague, I don’t accept

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I’m in the UK, and with the current covid situation, the sitters have been from UK so traveling isn’t too much of an issue! :slight_smile:

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This has happened to me. Unable to travel to a much anticipated sit in Florida last October, the HO has offered to host me, sit or no sit, whenever US/UK flights restart. Such generosity.