Panama airport lounges

Has anyone used any of the airport lounges in Panama? Any tips, pointers, preferences, or advice on the subject? We have a sit in April with a long layover there and are considering using our free passes. Thanks!

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We have used the Copa Club lounge last January 6 and it was nice with lots of places to sit and relax.

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I can’t speak for Panama lounges, but I do find that with any long layover, it is so nice to have the option to relax in a lounge, hopefully Panama’s will be an extra comfy one.

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Could you eat and sleep there? We potentially have a 11 to 15 hour layover. Maybe I can plan better, but if the lounges are nice enough it may not be necessary. Thanks!

You can eat and drink but I don’t think you can stay there for more than 3 hours.

I am so happy I asked! Thank you for responding as well! That really helps. I have booked a different flight option in light of your answer. Happy travels!!

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