Help Booking Lounge Passes

13/10/23 I fly from Brussels to Alicante and back 23/10/23 :airplane:. Did anyone already booked the lounge passes via THS and what was your experience, did it go well? I am traumatised because this was gonna be our first sit with our dog and the sit just cancelled previous week without our agreement or letting us know :rage:. We already booked the fligts and a rental car. I’ve been busy from Saturday untill now arranging things (hours and hours) !!! Because of our dog it was not easy to find a good stay !!! And then the insurance… We had to pay everything and then send screenshots of everything I hope they will pay us back. … but you know insurances … (I worked at one) … many many exeptions, terms of confitions,… My birthday is on the 14th and I hope everything will work out. Will THS book the lounge passes or am I again going to be upset. What is your experience according to lounge passes? I know they have to be booked 72 hours in advance, how does it work? Thank you Sarah, Frank & Fleur the dog.

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@Flor3jaar - sorry to hear about the HO cancelling your sit . How did you find out if the owner didn’t let you know ? I hope you have made a formal complaint to THS member services ?

It’s good that you are a Premium member and have the cancellation insurance . As long as the alternative accommodation you have found it within 20 miles of the original sit and you have the receipts you should get your money back minus the excess ( it usually takes a couple of months though )

In August this year we requested our lounge passes via the live chat and received them in minutes!!! We used than at London Gatwick airport and it was a good hassle free experience.

You need to provide flight details etc to get the lounge pass all the information you need to provide is in this link :

I’ve used the lounge passes in Miami and Madrid. My requests and visits went off just fine. I did want to cancel one of the passes because lounge access came with my upgraded airline ticket but it was too late.

I was not asked any questions about a sit when I requested my passes so I don’t think it is tied to a sit at all.

Best wishes on your insurance claim. Let us know your experience!

I was checking “my favorites” and it was not there anymore. So I started figuring it out and I saw “cancelled” in the correspondence. She already started looking voor a new sit. We have a second sit in UK and we hope that that will be a better sit.
Thank you for your answer :purple_heart::star_struck:. I just booked the loungepasses. I asked to confirm that it’s OK so I will see.