Panic time!

We have had almost a dozen successful sits but now it has happened.
Our sitter we arranged months ago for a sit coming up in just a few weeks, has had to cancel for very valid personal reasons.
Listing is in our bio and I know it has only been 24 hours- just venting. Any advice?


Are you talking about your April sit? I think you still have time and I wouldn’t panic. I think you need to shorten the part about you and Glen, and lenghthen stuff about your home and location. I happen to be a fan of upstate NY, and think there could be more mention of things to do in your location. You might ask ChatGpt for help describing local attractions. You are so close to Sarotoga Springs, state parks, hiking, fun small towns, etc.

Sitters will need a car, but with a car, it could be a real vacation/retreat. If you offer your own car to sitters, mention it. If you don’t, you could mention that this is best for sitters who have a car, bike, motorcycle, etc.

Try a snappier and shorter title: Adirondack Retreat Minutes from Saratoga Springs!

Regarding the dog. Some details aren’t clear. It sounds like if she is crated every night by 10:00 PM, she’ll need to be let out around 6 am to potty? Is that correct? You mention she can be left for 6 hours. Do you crate her when you leave, so it’s basically the same deal – that is she might use a wee-wee pad in the crate if you aren’t back in time? Or is she loose during the day and knows and goes to a wee-wee pad? Does she like to go on trips or excursions with people?

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Great tips, Thankyou so much! Updated the listing.

Nice! And Patsy seems so small, I’m imaging an avid hiker could get a little backpack carrier for her if she got tired.

Don’t panic, a month is forever! (FWIW, for a ten-day sit like this one, posting it two months out is fairly common and six weeks not unusual at all; some sitters actually have a hard time planning more than a couple months ahead because they worry they may develop plans of their own.)

I’d offer to help you out as I’ll be in Ellicotville until the 9th, but since there’s a dog that wouldn’t work!

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She would love that. I do have a sling bag for her she likes. I will look into a backpack :slight_smile: