Passing of a pet

We have been pet sitting through Trusted House Sitters for over ten years and all over the US and Europe. Looked after dozens of wonderful pets. Our favorite of all time wouldn’t you know it was a mutt named Scout who lived only an hour from our home in a lovely beach front location. We had looked after him on five different locations. In fact we were due to sit with him in two weeks. He had health problems and in fact had had an episode the last time that we looked after him so his passing was to be expected. His owner called us the day after he passed. This wonderful dog was abandoned on the beach years ago by someone and he lived off of crab shells that had washed up on the beach for five months until one of the neighbors adopted him. Then when she passed the current owners took him in. When we walked him he would go to the doors of certain homes, where he knew he would get a treat. Everyone knew and loved him. He was lots of fun and so easy to care for and had the sweetest disposition. Strangers always stopped to ask to pet him. There was something about him that attracted their attention. Probably his big beautiful eyes. We will miss Scout and the opportunity to look after him. The owners were kind enough to invite us back anyway in two weeks. Walking that lovely beach just won’t be the same. Here is to all those wondering pets out there that we are so fortunate to look after!


@Dennis thank you for sharing Scout’s story, we are so sorry for his loss and for your sadness at his passing and grateful to his family who took him into their hearts and homes and shared his life with our community while giving him the opportunity to live his best life, just as all animals should.

We know that your two weeks wont be the same and we hope the memories of happy times with Scout flood back to remind you that you helped make a difference in his life too.

The pets we care for do “leave paw prints on our hearts” some more than others.

Scout, run free on your big beach in the sky and @Dennis thank you again :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Dennis I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of Scott. He looks like such a happy pup on that beach. I want to take a moment to thank you as well as his pet parents for taking such great care of him over the last few years. Believe me, he knew the kindness bestowed by all those who cared for and loved him and he will forever be in all your hearts.

Please take solace in knowing he is now in a place of comfort where he is free from pain and suffering and most likely running down a beach with all his new buddies. At least I know I feel this way about the pets we have lost over the years.

The pain is so strong now but it will get better and thoughts will turn to smiling and wonderful memories when you think about all the fun you had with him.


Thank You Angela. We are going to do a photo book on the dozens of pets that we have looked after over the years and Scout will definitely be on the cover.


Thank You Debbie. We certainly will miss him.

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We will eagerly look forward to that one Dennis … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :cat: :horse:

@Dennis , what a beautiful tribute. You brought tears to my eyes.
I’m so sorry for your and everyone else’s loss of Scout. His lovely spirit graced all of your lives.


One of our kind THS petsitters had this made when we lost our little girl. He had sat with her many times and they had a very special bond. When we contacted him to let him know she was gone, he had this done in her image through a rescue group who takes a pic and creates a very similar image. She is always on our mantle watching over us now.