Payment currency

I need to renew my membership. The currency showing for payment is Euros, since I’m in Italy. However, I’m paying from a UK bank account so I want to pay in £ Sterling. It doesn’t seem possible to change the currency. I’ve tried to resolve this several times with the chat option on the helpline but to no avail. Can anyone help?

Tell the chat bot you want to talk to a human and they’ll connect you.

I don’t know if the site can do anything, but if you try using a VPN to change your IP address to the UK, you may find the price shows up in pounds. There are free ones you can add to your browser on the computer or apps for the phone since you only need it for this one thing. You might also be able to sign up for a free trial of a paid one and just cancel…not sure if they offer that or you need to pay upfront.

It doesn’t always work 100 percent using a free one from my experience–a site may still register your original location. But it is worth a shot. If you do this, you want to clear your cache/browser history so any previously visited versions of the site are not stored.

FYI, depending on your device and service, a VPN might interfere with functionality. I mention that, because I use a paid VPN and, while traveling sometimes, the VPN impedes me. So if something crops up, that’s one of the things I consider when troubleshooting — removing it. When I’m home in the U.S., it’s never been an issue.

Hi @Maggie8K we have exactly the same issue whereby our paid VPN interferes with functionality & we do the same, removing it


We asked about changing the currency we wanted to pay in to £ too but had to pay in dollars as we started with THS from a Turkish computer not whilst we were in the UK?! :crazy_face: #gofigure

This won’t be particularly helpful but I’m pretty sure I’ve changed currency before from NZD to GBP and back. This would have been a few years ago and if I remember correctly it was possible to change it via the website without getting MS involved. I don’t recall if I changed my membership location or if there was a field somewhere.

Thank you for your replies. The problem is that my billing address is in Italy, so if I change that to UK, this would create an issue. The payment page offers no option to change the currency and quite frankly the “help” “chat” was totally useless. I have now made my payment in Euros on which I’ll have to pay bank charges, because I have upcoming sits and I didn’t want to interrupt my membership which had by now expired. The most annoying thing, however, is that 6 hours after paying, I received a message from THS asking me to pay, with a 20% discount!!

Have you contacted support? Via email?
@Therese can anything be done?

Thanks @Amparo

Hi @gardengirl
I would email regarding the email of the 20% discount.

I am sorry for your frustration with the currency.

The technical team would need to change your currency, so this can be done. It can take a few days. However, it has to be done close to when your membership expires. They would need to turn off the auto-renewal and once the currency change has been done, you would then renew manually.

As you have now rejoined, it is a good idea to diarize 2 weeks before your membership ends and email support and ask them to do this change.