Membership Fees for sitters

My sitter membership is up for renewal, the last two years it has been £66 and now the cheapest sit is £120. Due to covid I have done few sits the last two years and mainly joined last year just to help THS as a small company and thought they need as many people to pay as poss. The premium membership is a lot more and I am disappointed that the whole site isn’t considered Premium. I am contemplating not renewing as there as so many other sites that offer similar.
Is this forum run by paid THS employees or volunteer admins as everything seems to be directed here.

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I don’t know what the UK renewal fee is, but you can get a discount if you sign up for automatic renewal.

We are on auto renewal and we paid £89 in November. We still are on “classic” membership and have no plans to change it. Very happy with the service we get.


I have been a member since 2017 and have always paid £89.
If you have only paid £66, you have been getting a good deal!
Did you sign up using a referral discount (30% ?) from a friend?

As @ElsieDownie says if you are on auto-renew your membership should remain the same, although that may be at the full price of £89

You can check in your dashboard/settings/membership and it will show if you are on auto-renew and the price you will pay.

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yeah that’s a great deal. Mine is set to renew at $119/year (88 GBP), but with free referral months, i’m set until October 2024. :joy:

Thank you everyone, yes £66 was a typo, I have now switched on auto-renew and it is £89


Glad that’s sorted, wouldn’t want to lose you.


Question for you CreatureCuddler: Do you have to send the email to friends inviting/referring them to join or do you just provide the code to them? I’ve had a few friends asking me lately and I just provided the code hoping that if they join, I’ll get some free months.

My membership comes up at the end of this month and I clicked on “cancel automatic renewal” and I was automatically given a 20% discount which was applied to my automatic renewal.

I just give them the link, not even the code (it’s embedded in the link). i presume the link sets a cookie for probably 30 or so days, so i’d rather do that to make sure i get credit.

Good to know - thank you!

@Annette I’ve done both at times - send the link or just give them the code and both have worked.