Update: Discount code for existing members?

Anyone know of any renewal discount codes that work as my renewal is imminent?

I think it should be something THS should be offering now to try and persuade us to stay with them.

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Did that but only seeing Classic at $129. Is that the discounted price?

That only works once - so you can’t do it 2 years running. I cancelled auto renew after my first year and was offered the discount in a pop-up message. I tried the same thing when renewing at the end of my second year and got the message that the discount could only be used once.

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These are the standard non-discounted prices in the UK for a sitter

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Prices for US sitters

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Unfortunately not aware of any discount code.
In the early years before the introduction of tiered memberships I never selected auto renewal and was automatically offered a 20% discount. This happened for several years even though THS said it couldn’t be as it can only be activated for one year. I offered to show them my bank statements.
So now if I wish to remain on my current tier (not sure what they are calling it these days) at a cost of £99 I have to leave auto renewal on or renew at the £129 tier which is the cheapest available.

Interesting. My renewal has just cost me £148 on year two?? Standard membership. @thscommunity anyone like to explain please.

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Is yours a joint sitter/homeowner membership?
Mine is basic sitter only.

You must have the combined homeowner/sitter membership

Nope. Sitter only. Standards membership. Not an owner on this platform :grimacing:

That’s very odd then. I just got the prices from their website - I wasn’t logged in so they weren’t ‘special’ renewal prices for existing members. I wonder if there is a cheaper price for new members?

I’ve just sent them an email and screenshot. Bearing in mind an existing customer is 8 times more likely to buy than recruiting a new one, the 25% renewal bonus should be given to repeat members above and beyond. They’ve charged me the fee in dollars so let’s see….could be the exchange rate but seems a lot!

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Think the old membership is now called “classic” which I love. Makes me come over all Audrey Hepburn but maybe it should be Joyce Grenfell!

I’m basic! Feels like an insult :joy:

I think the fact an existing member is 8 times more likely to buy is precisely why the discount is offered to new members (and those on their first renewal)! It is a shame that loyalty isn’t rewarded in the same way. I hope you get to the bottom of why your renewal is so high.

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Hi everyone … For any Membership renewals, pricing questions etc., please connect with the Membership Services team … support@trustedhousesitters.com

Thank you.

No thank 'you @Angela-HeadOfCommunity for the heads up. I didb’t think they would tell me what discount codes I could use but I will take your advice and report back.

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