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Since four years I am a member of THS. Each year when I have to renew my membership I am trying hundreds of public discount codes, but no one is working. I am wondering if there are valide codes or if its only a nap / fake and no valide codes are existing. I would expect as loyal member to recieve valide discounts. How are your experiences ?

Hello @elief and welcome to the forum. For those who set their membership fee for automatic renewal it renews at the same price, even if membership fees have increased. This is a built-in benefit for those who choose this option.

Website link: automatic renewal

Over the years, this can represent a considerable savings over the current rate. I see this as how THS rewards members for their loyalty. Something you may want to consider.


I didn’t know about the cheaper price for auto renewal! We’ve had ours set to auto renewal from the get go. Thanks THS for that!


Hi @Snowbird and I would just like to say that this has not been my experience.
I never selected auto renewal in previous years and was always offered a discount a couple of weeks prior to renewal (20% I think).
This year I had no choice but to select auto renewal because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to remain on the basic level of membership. Therefore my renewal automatically went through at the full price.
Membership Services did say that any previous discount available was for one year only when auto renewal WAS selected. That is not correct. I received a loyalty discount every year when NOT on auto renewal. @Itchyfeet is also a long standing member in the same position.
I feel the membership fee does represent good value but a token discount to acknowledge loyalty would be appreciated, especially after supporting THS through the Covid years when travel was not possible.


Good morning @Twitcher @Snowbird - From the comments I think there may be some confusion around discount codes, auto-renew benefits and terms that were applied to existing members who were termed “classic” when the new tiers arrived. To get absolute clarity we’ve put a request into the team along with the “automatic renewal” link Francine mentions, and will feedback on this next week when they are back from the weekend break.

@elief As far as public “discount codes” are concerned I can confirm that these do vary, change and are often temporary, but they are real and regularly monitored. Our key partners (affiliates included) may offer discounts, but not for renewals.

TrustedHousesitters from time to time run their own internal promotions as many other companies do. They might for instance be attached to different campaigns, as you’ll see around popular sales times like “Black Friday”. The Refer a Friend scheme (discount/extra months) is also an internally run program.

Hope that helps a little, but we will as mentioned come back with more info re the auto-renewal price lock in.

I agree @Twitcher I am in the exact position as you in that I used to enjoy a discount upon renewal but I am now on Auto Renewal to keep my Classis Membership. This discount was not a Black Friday one or a Refer a Friend one.
Another confusion is that, although I am a UK member, my settings show that my next subscription will be $US129.

Hi @Vanessa-Admin
Thank you and I look forward to clarification.
I still have my receipt of payment for the last few years if required. They also were not on a special promotional offer - other than the usual Discount20 code I was given each year when not on auto-renewal.

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We went for the full membership when we renewed in March this year and although in my mind, it felt like a lot, we now have 20 nights of free accommodation for our 27 night trip to the UK so I think it’s well worth the investment.

At worst, it’s less than the cost of two night’s hotel.

I guess the only time it would feel like too much would be if I was just joining and wasn’t sure if I would be able to get a sit.

Hi @Kelownagurl - I did mention in my original post that the membership fee represented good value. The fee is only part of the equation and I don’t equate it to ‘free’ accommodation.

Good experienced sitters provide a valuable service and with it comes great responsibility - for the safety and comfort of the pets and the upkeep and security of the home.

We often travel long distances at our own expense and on occasion have paid for accommodation pre-sit.

My point was that it would have been a nice gesture for THS to acknowledge our loyalty over the years and appreciate us continuing to pay our membership when we could no longer travel due to Covid. This could have been done with a discount or extension of our membership. I have enjoyed a renewal discount in the past and this year is the only year I have paid full price because I was forced to preference auto renewal to retain my classic membership.

@Vanessa-Admin is looking into the whole renewal/discount issue and the points that have been raised.


I think everybody’s travel style and situation is different and so “your miles may vary” for sure. I can only share my point of view from our situation.

THS has enabled us to double (or more) the amount of travel we do in a year. In the past, we might be able to afford a 3 week trip to Europe once a year. Now we are able to go twice a year, for longer each time, and at the same time enjoy much more comfortable surroundings than a hotel room, integrate into a community in many ways, and have the enjoyment of a dog to walk, or a cat to cuddle when we are at home. No more do we visit endless tourist sites, instead we’ve replaced that with actually “living” in the country we are visiting and enjoy the countryside instead.

Do we provide a valuable service? Absolutely. And does to take time and energy out of our days? Absolutely. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is there a cost to us? Yep. Apart from the cost of 2 nights hotel rates for our membership, we pay ~$2000 for flights for every trip, at least a week’s worth of accommodation for a 4 week trip, and car rental (which is currently the most expensive part of our trip now). I guess I could look at it from the point of view that I’m paying about $5000 to go housesit in England this May. But that’s not how I see it and I never will.

But like I said, that’s just us. Every THS traveller is different. We are retired and have some disposable income available for travel, and we would be travelling to Europe every year anyway. But for us, the enjoyment we get from this kind of travel FAR outweighs how we did it before THS. And I believe that the homeowners have appreciated the excellent service we have provided these past 4 years as well because we go out of our way to do a super and caring job.

As far as THS paying our membership while we didn’t travel for the last two years, sure that would be nice and I can see how some sitters will have been negatively affected financially by COVID and could have used that break… But for me, I’m far more interested in doing whatever I can to ensure that THS stays in business. If they had cut or waived membership fees for the past two years, they may have gone out of business, and for me, that would be devastating.

Anyway, I will always be THS’s biggest cheerleader and can’t imagine travelling any other way. For us, the value for money is excellent.