People applying for a sit just hitting the apply button and no text

I was rather taken aback that someone applied to our sit but only hit the “apply” button, no intro text as is the norm. The person had applied years ago and hadn’t followed up to fix a time to talk about the sit, so maybe they thought that was enough. I really feel that, given there are a maximum of five applications, that really is a waste of time from a HO point of view (why would I want to follow up with someone who cannot be bothered to write something) and unfair to other more serious sitters. Anyway, there were four other lovely sitters who contacted us, but I don’t think that this a good approach on THS. (Also, I was amazed that the five sitters applied in not more than ten minutes - it makes it difficult to get a sit when places go so fast! - I know, I see this is covered elsewhere).


I would just decline the sitter with no message. That is disrespectful. No need to say anything. Jusy hit decline & free up the space!

Wonder whether they might’ve accidentally hit the apply button.

Yep, that’s happened to me. I just decline them. At first I used to wait and even asked them why they had applied but now, it’s just a waste of my time. If they didn’t bother to put on the time to write an introductory message, why should I bother initiating the conversation?

The person I declined last time with no intro memo ended up messaging me a couple of days later as if they didn’t realize I had already declined. Maybe they were new and just didn’t know how it worked.

Hi @nikki - I am not condoning their actions but some sitters now feel that is the only option available to them to get an application in within the first five. It holds a place so they can hopefully get a more personalised message through to the homeowner.
It is not something I would ever do no matter how tempting the listing was, but I only sit occasionally these days. I would still rather study the responsibilities, location, dates etc. to see if it could be a good fit before applying.


Odd, @wendy_chicago. I’m surprised by how challenging some folks find THS. But we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Beats me! :woman_facepalming:t3:

That’s exactly what I was thinking and what has been suggested in the past, although at least a short message such as “I’m composing my application and will return shortly” would be nice

I know there are sitters who apply with one word or even just one letter (so as to get into the first five), but then they follow up asap with a real message once the time crunch has been beat…

I didn’t know that now people were resorting to sending no message at all… wow! :exploding_head:

As a sitter, I’m often shocked and dismayed by the behavior of other sitters when I learn about it from HOs, or here in the forum. (or in other forums)

Sorry HOs, I promise there’s a lot of really good sitters out here! :innocent: :blush:

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I do it both ways (we also house sit) although outside of London so less “competition”. I gave her some respectful (I hope!) feedback.