Pet Allergic to Skin Moisturizer

Hi folks,
This is a heads up that it is possible for a pet to be allergic to a skin-care product that you use. I just finished a sit where a dog developed a drippy nose and sneezing whenever I was in the home. I was concerned and took him to the vet and the vet confirmed that he had no fever or other symptoms but was probably reacting to something in his environment, like flowers or perfumes. There were no flowers or perfumes, but I was using a supposedly unscented, plant-based, cruelty free moisturizer after my showers. This moisturizer is one of the top-ten rated ones and though unscented, definitely had a smell. From observation, I determined it was the lotion. I feel terrible that my presence made the dog feel unwell, but I know now what was causing it, and so do you.

Oh wow @AnnieNai that’s good to know and good on you finding the cause! My dog loves licking any lotion I put on so I would feel terrible if it started to give him allergies. Most of the time I just use coconut oil as moisturizer these days which at least is safe for dogs if they have small quantities.

Thanks so much @AnnieNai for letting us know. I too have sat with dogs who liked to lick lotion off my legs, but never noticed any ill effects (other than my legs drying out :laughing:) I have a friend who’s very sensitive to scents, and it makes sense that dogs might be too.

Sharing your experience with us here on the forum may well help numerous doggos from suffering from sitter-induced allergic reactions – thanks!

Thanks so much for sharing with us. I also use pomisol ear drops for reducing my dog’s ear irritation and if you have any alternate suggestions you can share it with me.