Pet Innovation Awards 2021 - Winner: Subscription Service Of The Year

We are proud to announce that TrustedHousesitters has been recognised for excellence by as Winner of Subscription Service Of The Year 2021

"The Independent Innovation Awards program is the industry’s most robust recognition platform for the innovators and leaders of the pet industry. Built to recognize the most outstanding companies, services and products within this rapidly expanding the Pet industry.

Pets are irreplaceable members of our families and lives and consumers are willing to pay for a quality product that helps improve the health and well-being of their pets.

The Independent Innovation Awards dives deep through a large set of categories within this increasingly competitive market, helping the innovative products and companies stand out in this crowded market.

To be an Innovator it takes passion, creativity and hard work. The Independent Innovation Awards celebrates and highlights your efforts and success in building your company as well as the overall Pet industry" - Pet Independent Innovation Awards Recognizing the world’s best Pet companies, products and services


Yay! Good news! Congratulations and very well done!

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Congratulations! :smiley:

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