Pet owner not responding

After having done sits without being given a tour of the home on a video chat, I would not do it again. I also don’t think I’d be comfortable staying at someone’s home to care for their loved one(s) without meeting them first. Totally preference and if not that touch point works for you, all good. X

Re: welcome guide, we provide an abridged version before even having the call so that if the HS isn’t comfortable with our pet’s needs, they can just decline with no hard feelings. We then work to get flights, dates and exact arrival times confirmed as soon as possible and as we typically do the video chat over WhatsApp or otherwise, the HS has alternate contact details in case they can’t reach us in app very early on.


This is a wonderful approach from your side!

@Lokstar I just scroll down my Dashboard until I come to My Sitter Profile then click on Manage Availability. Doesn’t take long IF you remember NOT to go into edit your profile! But it could be made more visible if THS wants sitters to use it.


If you would like to see your calendar when accessing the site on the computer, go to ‘Dashboard’ and then scroll down to ‘My sitter profile’ Click the ‘preview’ button that shows up on top of your profile picture. This ‘preview’ will bring up the actual page that people see on the site–you will see your profile’s unique link in the address bar. The calendar is near the bottom of your profile under ‘why we want to housesit’

Yes in my case the sit was starting in a week and I still didn’t even have the address, welcome guide, or any voice or video contact with the HO, all things that get a lot more crucial when you are traveling and not in your own home city. I got nervous that she was in some emergency situation and/or flaking on the sit in some way.

Great tip!