Pet(s) Sleeping in the same bed with you?

Hi @Angela-CommunityManager This photo reminds me of the time I booked an Airbnb. The place was supposed to have been a 2 bedroom / 2 beds. Of course my dog Rocko was to get one bedroom and me the other bedroom. Well, the place turned out to be a bait and switch as it only had one bedroom and wasn’t the waterfront as advertised. Needless to say you can guess who got the bed. Yes, my beloved spoiled Rocko got the bed and I got the sofa or as @Foldor13 would say settee :smiley:

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If at all possible we normally request a bedroom each for ourselves to help get a good nights sleep so sleeping with pets is a definite no for us!

If pets are used to sleeping on bed or in bedroom, I don’t my mind if they come to sleep with me, on the contrary, I like it. After all the pet sitter is the guest😸


We each have our own preferences - I don’t mind a dog or cat (or even 2) in the bed, but on top of the covers.
But, I used to have an Irish Wolfhound and he slept on the bed with me. (Sam was 180 lbs.)


Having had my own cats sleeping on and in my bed, I’m quite comfortable allowing cats I look after to do the same if that is their routine. I’ve had both large and small dogs sleep near my feet on the bed and most times, my sleep has not been affected! Other times, they may be in the bedroom but sleeping in their own bed.


Me too. I used to have two standard poodles sleep with me on a queen-size bed. I had to gather the covers quick before they jumped in, otherwise I wouldn’t get any. Try pulling covers out from under 110 pounds of dead weight. I love having pets sleep with me. It’s one of my favorite parts of house and pet sitting. But if they consistently disturb my sleep, sadly they have to sleep elsewhere. Regardless, I will happily comply with the owner’s instructions with their pet’s sleep habits. Like @Amparo and others have said, I won’t accept cats that are allowed to walk on the kitchen counters or table or dogs that eat off them. These are challenging issues to deal with if the owner has allowed it. I have seen listings that show the cats perched up on kitchen cabinets or on food prep areas. I never apply to these.


My question is why does even the smallest dog take up SO much room? Case in point, The adorable “Princess Stella” in LA a Shih TZu X … California King Bed … amount of human space? Max 2 Ft or 60 cms reducing over the hours :rofl:


My thanks to you and @Amparo for mentioning about cats on kitchen counters and any food surfaces. Yet another reason I appreciate this forum in that I thought I was being too particular in disliking that. I also will not apply for a sit where I see photos of cats on the kitchen counters. Just yesterday I noticed a listing where the pet’s food bowl was on the counter (on a mat, so I doubt it was temporary). I recognize that this is not a good fit for me, so I just don’t apply.


@Snowbird I agree, whilst I can see that it is difficult to train cats not to jump onto work surfaces, why some people actively feed them on the surfaces I find hard to understand?

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A big no for us as well.


My cat is fed on one part of the kitchen counter where we never prepare food.
We tried to keep them from walking on the counter and table…didn’t work. I am not about everything having to be disinfected all the time so we simply clean the counter and table before we use it. While we prepare food and eat they are not allowed to jump up and this works fine.

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This is certainly your prerogative, but if the homeowner advises their pets sleep in the same bed, then please do not even accept the opportunity to speak with them.

Our pet sleeps with us and we have in our guide that this is a requirement of the sitter. It has never been an issue, and our sitters have all said they love that little bit of snuggle time.

If a pet is accustomed to sleeping in the bed, why would the sitter think it should be any other way? This is another reason for keeping your pet at home…so nothing in their lives is disrupted with their mom and/or dads being away.


This is our three on the bed in our campervan…… and no, they do not sleep on there with us, only just enough room for the two of us as it is! But they are allowed up for cuddles in the morning :grinning:


Yes, that works as long as it is mentioned in the advert. I do not apply for any site that requires me to sleep with the pets. As you mentioned that’s what they are used to and the whole reason of a pet sitter is to keep them in their routine. However, if it is not mentioned but is brought up in a subsequent conversation I quickly back out and say no thank you.
We all have our little traits and one of mine is no animals in the bedroom.


I agree but the home host should be sure to have that information in their initial listing so that it does not come as a surprise when the sitter receives the welcome guide after confirming the sit.
As always, good communication is key


I definitely agree!

As I mentioned above–to each his/her own.

I hate it when I’m not allowed to have the cats in the bedroom


I try not to disturb my dog at night by encroaching on his side of the bed.


Yeah! Imagine going into someones house and making their pet sleep on the floor. The poor thing will already be upset that the owner is gone.