Pet sit coming up soon and no sitters :/

Hi everyone, Im starting to get a bit concerned. I have a trip coming up soon, have messaged LOADS (about 20) potential sitters and none of them are available. Any advise for me? I am starting to get quite worried.

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Hi @JessW and welcome. If you embed a link to your listing in your forum username, it will make it easier for members to see your listing. Someone here might just be the perfect fit, and others can give suggestions on how you might improve your listing.

Here’s how to add a link on the forum to your listing

If you’d prefer not to link your listing, perhaps provide the location and date range, to help others search for it.


I feel your pain as we are in the same situation. I resorted in getting our son to come back from Uni for the weekend.

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@JessW Although it’s useful to invite sitters directly, the most effective way is via the website. Once you share your listing on the forum, our members are excellent at giving valuable feedback that can often improve your listing and therefore attract more sitters.

As for the ones you have already invited, I’m wondering if you are basing it on location, and also on calendar availability. New sitters are encouraged to apply for local sits to start, so I would certainly focus on inviting those who are near your location. However, you will read on the forum that many sitters do not keep their online calendar current. I would therefore disregard the calendar for now.

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Thanks for your advise, I have been searching by location as im in France I wouldn’t really want anyone agreeing to travel under the current circumstances. And yes, I am choosing the ones who say they are available. Ill try leaving out the calendar date search.

Also thanks for your previous comment, I will try putting my link on the forum.

Hi. I was able to view your listing from your link, which is great. You have been thorough with your details, which sitters appreciate. I suggest you take care of writing a review for your first sitters, who cared for your home earlier this month. Once you complete the sitter review, follow up with your sitters to ask that they post a review for you. They appear to be experienced sitters, so will understand the importance of the review for your profile, especially given they were your first sitters.

You may also want to edit your post title to ‘Pet sit in France …’ so that those who are in France will then be more likely to open your post.

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It sounds like a wonderful sit, and I am really partial to giants so would love to get to know Teddy. But, I’m finishing up a string of UK sits on 15 March and headed back to the US for a few weeks to get my taxes done so not available. If not for that, I’d be applying and trying to change my flights back to the US.
Any chance you might allow the sitter to use your car?