Pets Eating Weird Stuff

@wendy_chicago Don’t tell the dogs in Fairbanks. They were outside in the -40s for the last couple of weeks.

My dog will eat anything dead that she finds along the way. I have to be very careful to watch her.

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Was this a labrador? So many times we’ve had them trying to eat inappropriate things, So happily.

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@AnnieNai, they think she’s a dachshund-mini pincher. She’s a rescue, so they’re not sure, but she has that look about her.

yep, sometimes there are dead rats near the alleys out here and my dog will try to go sniff and probably eat if I’d let him. If the rats are alive though, he is scared of them. Whenever we cross the alleyway he would rather cross by the streets than the sidewalks.

@Maggie8K glad to hear that dog is okay! how scary.
Bowie is so little, he’s even gotten sick from eating one small woodchip from the neighbors yard. I think he’s better about not eating random things.
Always gottat be careful with dogs not eating random stuff outside, they’re like toddlers, they’ll put anything in their mouth.

Our dog is adept at finding things to eat off the ground. He was malnourished when found as a stray and still has food-searching tendencies.

My husband and I joke that when he finds food, he starts walking like he’s on display at the Westminster dog show. That’s because he knows we’ll try to take the food (since we don’t want him to get sick). So he tries to pretend that he hasn’t found any. What gives him away: He normally meanders all over, sniffing away, not walking like a well-trained show dog, LOL.

Oh, I remember now that the veterinarian videos I watched included one where a dog scarfed down a bowl of dough that their family had left out for proofing.

The dough blocked the dog’s innards and they worried that it would keep rising. If I remember right, they tried to get the dog’s system moving, so they could avoid emergency surgery. I think they gave him emetics and/or diarrhetics. Finally, the dog passed enough chunks of dough to avoid an operation.

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