Pets In The News & Other Interesting Tails

Back To School "Ciara Clarke, the dog’s owner, told The Dodo that her name is Lucky and that she was adopted by Clarke as a stray.”It doesn’t surprise me that she visits the school!” Clarke said. “She’s incredibly sweet and affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle!”

Unfortunately the journalist didn’t quite get Lucky’s gender correct … he’s a she

A happy sheep story :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen a few early lambs frolicking in the fields down here in the Invercargill/Southland area plus have a giggle when the sheep are traffic when being moved.

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Happy Caturday …

The challenges of working from home …

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A good new story to make your day

I loved this cartoon from the Telegraph today.
Screenshot 2021-09-04 at 14.14.49

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Be Prepared!!. Puppies and some dogs will just eat anything and lots of the anything!!

Here’s one very lucky pup.

I watched my daughter extract glass from the intestines of a Beagle who had “eaten” the contents of a Nutella jar and the jar. 4 and a half hours later he was in recovery, lived to tell the tail & eat many other things no doubt.

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Here’s a heart warming story for a Saturday morning…

For those unaware, Hexham is in the north of England and Inverness is in the highlands of Scotland. She takes her disabled Jack Russell, Dinky with her for company!


Lifetime goals :heart: Proving you are never to old to live your dreams …

Thank you for sharing @Vanessa-Admin

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Forbes The Cat reunited with his owners after 10 years …


“What Dogs Want” … Author Mat Ward - Illustrations by Rupert Fawcett

Sharing some book news I came across a book via BBC Radio 2 in the UK yesterday written by Mat Ward, which gets excellent reviews, however the best endorsement for me was that Rupert Fawcett was the illustrator.

TrustedHousesitters collaborated with Rupert this year when we commissioned a series of cartoons describing pet anxiety from the dog’s perspective. We know that Rupert Fawcett is such a huge animal lover that he only works with people who put animals first and rarely does commissions and illustrations.

Mat Ward is a dog behaviourist who champions reward-based training and he has helped thousands of pets and owners improve their wellbeing over the past two decades. His skills were tested to the limit when he took on the challenge of teaching a rescue dog to fly a plane for the TV show Dogs Might Fly . Mat lives in New Zealand with his wife, children, two cats and two dogs.

Rupert Fawcett is a British cartoonist and writer, who is best known for his critically acclaimed comic strips, Fred (produced since 1989), Daddy and Off The Leash . The success of Fred led to the sale of over nine million greetings cards. Rupert has appeared on Good Morning Britain , The Big Breakfast , Midweek and numerous other TV and radio programmes. His current projects include Off The Leash animations and various books. He lives in London.


Sharing a heartwarming “Happy Ending” rescue story :heart: :dog:

When Duke the Akita was found scared and abandoned in an empty house, he was underweight, had severe muscle loss, and his legs were covered in sores.

At 17, he became one of the oldest resident at Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home.

His old age – around 104 in dog years – made it tricky for the dog to find a home … read on


When leaving for vacation, only pack the essentials … this little dog took the advice literally.


Apparently you cannot hide from your cat …


I can vouch for that. :grin:
Sometimes I think they enjoy the “hunt” of their humans.

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An adorable cat born with two sets of ears is taking Instagram by storm and raking thousands of fans at a time.

The kitten, named Midas, hails from Turkey and already counts 19,300 followers on Instagram, having just created her account three weeks ago,’ her owner Canis Dosemeci told FEMAIL.


Doggies … Fone Home


Happy story but oh so sad as well :sob:

As you say, uplifting and sad all at once. Let’s hope they find Rupert soon. Let us know if you see a followup :crossed_fingers:

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Welcome home Elsa after 14 years missing … Never give up hope and thank you microchipping