Pets In The News & Other Interesting Tails

CrazyGuineaPigLady :heart_eyes:

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Silver linings


Pet BBQ Safety Warning … Marmite needed lifesaving surgery after getting a corn husk lodged in his intestines

Home after 13 years!

Lucky doggies in UK and Ireland !


Furry friday happy snaps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Older pup on a cool road trip :sunglasses:


HI RunnerC and @Brigitte and everyone, thank you for sharing great stories it’s lovely to start (or finish) the day on a heartwarming pet story.

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Poor wee thing

:slightly_frowning_face: This was on today’s ABC corona blog as there’s been a spike in cases in Melb & folks are driving to testing stations w their furry folk.

Have a look on YouTube
Little girl reunited with her donkey.
Brings a tear to your eye

A husky that went missing for two weeks reunited with its owner an astonishing 240 miles away, in a touching moment that lit up the animal shelter. Ashley the husky disappeared from Brittney Novickis’ home in Savannah, Georgia, and wound up in Daytona Beach, Florida.

There was a lots of luck in this reunion as Ashley had no collar, ID and wasn’t microchipped … a very lucky pooch and owner … welcome home Ashley

A tiny dog whose bark was definitely worse than his bite … thankfully, it helped save his family .


Family comes in all shapes, sizes and creatures great and very small

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This (as yet) unnamed Lurcher “Roof-us” is shouting, err sorry, BARKING from the rooftops in Wales!!

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Cats and dogs: A purrfect family from another mother

Bertie the Labrador became an unlikely father figure after his owner brought home seven orphaned kittens.

The rescue pup was given a forever home by head nurse Rachel, so when she was fostering the tiny bundles, he took the chance to help them just like he’d been.

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Another “reluctant” pet Dad discovers his furry family member is his heart dog …

"Me 5 years ago: ‘People are so extra with their dogs. It’s just a pet, chill.’

Me now: Took 10 days off so my dog could have an epic adventure before she loses her other eye and goes blind" Clayton Kroeker ![:dog:|16x16]


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@Petermac … guess the breed? Then again you don’t have to it’s in the title

Had to be a Springer :heart_eyes: :dog: :heart_eyes: