Phoebe's Story

We all love pets, I am pretty sure and that’s why we are here.
Lots of people go extra miles for them and we do it because we love them.

Phoebe came to us on Dec. 2021, already an old dog, an overweight “apartment” dog, a little MinPin.
We took her in, because good old friends of ours passed on and we promised to give Phoebe a good life for as long as she has. We thought maybe 2 or 3 more months she might have left.
MinPins are not really a great deal for a Farm, but we managed very well even walks at minus 40 c ( 2 minutes) went well and quick. We are in 2023 now and she is still with us, with all my care, exercise, love and companionship of my other dog, she perked up and needless to say how much I love this little dog. Sure my life would be much easier without her, but just the thought that day will appear tears my heart apart.
Attached are a few pictures. Thanks for reading.


@Kimba what a beautiful story and what a precious girl…and you have given her such a wonderful new lease on life. It’s amazing how bringing in a “rescue” can really change not only their lives, but our’s as well. The love and appreciation they have for us only gives us that much more love to give as well. How old is Phoebe? She actually loves so chipper it is really hard to tell?


A wonderful story @Kimba , That little dog is blessed to have you, as you are to have her.


Thanks for reading, she is 13 years old now.