Phone call questions

Hello I am just wondering if any other HO have a list of questions and information that they give on the initial phone call ? I am just trying to compile one and would appreciate any suggestions? Thank you Kate

@KateG usually the conversation would just flow naturally and be about establishing the details around the sit, when are you leaving, timings will there be a crossover. Pets where they sleep, walking, inside/outside, temperaments, house quirks, have you had sitters before, are we on the same understanding about positive reviewing.

As a sitter this is one of the main things I’d be looking for to see that we are on the same page. We are super wary of first time HO’s as there’s no reviews - Be really careful about making it too formal or interview like. You likely won’t need a list but best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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I start with hellos then say that I have a list of questions I like to start with so that I remember to cover some important details before we get chatting.

I then say but first, do you have any questions before I start that you like to know about that are important to you.

When they are done some of my questions may have already been addressed, so I just check my list and then begin my questions.

My questions are mostly from my listing:

Confirm the THsitter is a bonified nonsmoker.

(New question) if few reviews, ask how they heard about THS.

Confirm dates and what that needs to look like. I like a handoff to start but not necessary for return.

No pets/children/visitors

We have external cameras and they will be kept on.

We have a queen AIR matress in the guestroom.

Review the responsibilities & discuss cleaning.

Do they want to view the welcome book before they commit? ( send without personal info)

A car is needed to get around our area…its not a preference thing…and to get to the vet, if needed.

Ask what is their time line for needing a decision.

Ask what brings them to our area. This question usually starts the more chatty conversation.

I do not feel pressure to make a decision in the first VIDEO call. I communicate my process and respect any decision a THsitter may need to make; no hard feelings.

You’ll gets lots of good perspectives!
The bottom line is…it’s your home and pet and someone will be a good fit for what YOU both are looking for in an sit/stay exchange

Good luck!


Thank you that is really helpful it’s just good to know what other people do and get ideas. Much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to answer that’s great. That is pretty much what I do but it’s good to get other opinions.

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This has been discussed before on this previous thread which you may find informative

Don’t have a list of questions, or the sitter will feel like they are being interviewed, and none of us want that, just let the conversation flow and see if you get a good vibe.

We answer a lot of questions that we feel will be in an owners head within our profile. If an HO asked a question that we had already answered in our profile, I’d think they hadn’t bothered reading our profile and the ‘vibe’ just wouldn’t feel right.

Forget the questions that are in your head about sitters in general, and go with your heart and your gut when you read an application. You’ll know-know when you’ve found the right one for you.