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I had a housesitter scheduled to come in 3 days. Turns out she is a homeless person who is addicted to drugs and yet has a ‘very nice and clean’ profile on TH. I’m furious. I will have to change all of my tickets/hotels etc because I can’t find a sitter for phoenix, az in 3 days. What happened to background checks or did this woman scam TH too? NO PHONE help at all on this. I call and call and there is a canned message…all lines are busy try our website/CLICK-call ended. I need some help now and the website takes the message and says they will get back to me. Why did I pay the $$? Where is there phone help for a situation like this? I am so discouraged. Anyone else have something similar happen. This could have been a disaster if I had let her in my house. She used someone off the street’s phone to text me. Thank goodness I was able to get a hold of him.

How awful. So sorry to hear this has happened. I wish we could help out but we currently cannot travel to the US from the UK. I hope you manage to get a resolution.

thanks, I’m not sure I will trust TH again. I got another sitter that put photos of someone else on her profile and said th didn’t mind. So I’ve sure had some bad luck. Thanks for the comeback!

So sorry to hear of your other issue.
There are good ones out there too but I can understand what you say.

Hi @Angela-CommunityManager or @Vanessa-Admin , is there anyone that can help?

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Please realize that your experience so far is the exception. There are many dedicated sitters on this site who truly care. That includes those from your area who may come to your rescue. I suggest you still post it as someone may be interested, for a variety of reasons. I live in Canada so can’t help right now.

Why not add a new post here, with the title showing ‘sitter cancelled - can anyone sit in Phoenix and put your dates’. That will also reach those who are on the forum. It’s a good circle of people here who truly care. I hope things work out for you.

I see that someone has tagged the staff, and they usually respond quickly.


@barb.minnie Hi Barb… firstly I am so very sorry this has happened and I understand your distress. I will write more in a moment but my first priority is to get this over to Membership Services so that you get some assistance. So please bear me while I prioritise that, and I will come back shortly.

That sounds awful - how did you find out the truth? Maybe something happened that the original person became homeless very recently and they originally joined with good credentials - I was justwondering how a homeless person would find the cash to join ?
As previously said although it is truly an awful experience this is such a rare occurance and I am sure if you re -advertise as a last minute sit you will be contacted by a great sitter.

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This has been escalated @barb.minnie and please be reassured someone will pick up on this with you shortly.

What an experience but as others have said that is not the norm in THS. Most of us care and are decent law abiding people. Where on earth did she get the money to join the site?

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Hi @barb.minnie I have sent you a DM.

We are taking this offline as the situation is far more complex and we need to clarify with both barb.minnie and the other members involved.

We have escalated and Paul Head of Membership Services in now in contact with everyone involved

Thank you all for your messages of support …

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