Photo sizes and amount

I’m struggling to find a photo that will fit the little profile circle. I have thousands of me with dogs, but I either get half my face chopped off or the dogs! Is there a way to add more photo’s too?
Can I send photos to sits?

Hi @MarieHuggins. I took a quick look at your profile. Nice photos of you with dogs, indeed!

You can’t send photos to sits, if I understand you. When you apply, you can’t attach photos. I guess you could be creative, like have an external website with all your photos and send a link there. Or if you connect with a PP via email or text, then you could send photos that way.

As for your profile … I just tried to change mine … yeah, that’s terrible! (Note to TH: please provide an undo option, plus crop and scale. Sheesh.) It looks like it take the center of the photo. So, take your favorite photo, then crop it so it’s a square. That should work.

I’ve tried all manner of crops! I’m a pro photographer and it has me stumped. Guess I’ll be headless…the dogs are much better looking than me anyway :smile::smile::smile:

Hmm. What profile are you talking about? I meant the TH one on the website/app. But there’s also the one here in the forums.

Feel free to PM me a photo and I’ll see if I can get it to work in my profile, temporarily of course. You can also just post the photo here; then anyone can test.



Thanks Geoff.

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@geoff.hom @MarieHuggins For some reason it tends to do this when you alter the original photo size. This also happened to me and in the end I chose photos I hadn’t altered size wise in any way.

@MarieHuggins i’m assuming you cropped your original photo to remove the background?

Hi @Samox24
I’ve tried without cropping and with cropping.:thinking:

Hi @MarieHuggins were the photos that you have shown above (the images on the Forum), the original photos, so you have not enlarged or cropped from the original photos on your phone etc in any way? I say this because the shape of your uploaded photos on here would indicate they have been altered so I just want to check.

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I think those ones may have been. Lost track now! :grin:

Hi @MarieHuggins. I appreciate that you’re trying, but I was surprised. I’ll start with the pics:

  • As I said above, the TH site takes the center of your photo. So if you want to include everything in a photo, you need to crop it so it’s a square.

  • Here’s the photo you shared that I started with:

  • If we don’t change the aspect ratio, then TH will choose the middle:

    • It’s always going to pick a square (er, circle), so the best we can do with cropping the photo you gave is basically slide up or down. So you won’t get you and the dog at once.
  • The ideal solution is to find a photo with a more square aspect ratio. Or a photo that’s zoomed out a bit so you can make a square crop with you and the dog. Or just take another photo. You said you have thousands, right?

  • A less ideal solution is to add margins:

    • Why did I use orange? To make the point. You can choose white/transparent in your professional photo editor of choice.
  • My temp TH profile thus becomes:

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Just to add, i do have thousands dating back years, but not great quality. Most ive taken without me in them and thousands of video. These are stills from videos.

Thanks so uch @geoff.hom . I did yse a background in another trial but it changed shape. I like yours​:hugs::hugs:

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