Photos on FB for THS

I like to share photos with my friends on FB. I created a post about my most recent pet-sit in Santa Barbara but I have no idea how to share it with Trusted Housesitters. I thought if I opened it up to “Public”, that THS would see it, but that doesn’t work. I tried using the Chat feature to ask the question but no one understood what I was asking. In my feed are posts from both Homeowners requesting sitters and Sitters posting about their visit. I can’t figure out how it shows up there. Any clues? Is it because they have Instagram and I don’t?


I believe if you want your personal sit photos re-posted on THS Facebook page, I believe you have to email them directly and reference "#TrustedTales. THS selects what sitter posts they want to put on their FB and Instagram page. It isn’t automatic. Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

Yes but I don’t do Instagram. Is that the only way?

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Hi @ShulasMom when you post pictures on your own FB Newsfeed you need to tag TrustedHousesitters in the post copy TrustedHousesitters and make sure your sharing settings are open that way we can share your posts to our page, however always ask permission of your pet parent/owners is they are happy to have their content shared on Social Media …

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