Photos won't upload

Hi -I am new to TrustedHousesitters and need a Christmas cat sitter so am trying to set up my listing, but my photos won’t upload. They are under 4mb in jpeg format. They just sit there saying ‘Waiting to upload’. I have messaged TrustedHousesitters Help link but hoping someone might see this tonight and know answer, Thanks!

Good morning @livg22 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our forum. I’ve just had a quick look and see your listing is still not live, so I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService who will be able to follow this up with you once she’s back online if someone hasn’t already.

In the meantime, there aren’t any known issues with loading photos, so thoughts off top of my head… could it be a slow internet connection? You might try loading just one photo for starters and make it smaller to see if that works, and if you are using the app, try instead using the desktop version, or vice versa. However, Therese will be on line within an hour or so and I suspect you might be sleeping now. Look forward to seeing your listing live later today when you’ll be on your way to securing a sitter for Christmas! All the best.

Hi @livg22 - I am sorry you have issues. I have emailed you directly from our membership services, so I can help you further. Kind regards Therese


Hi Therese,

I tried uploading one photo at a time last night and it didn’t work, however just now I tried that again and had luck with first 2 photos but now it is stuck again. We have high-speed internet so it isn’t that. The photos are all under 4MB so it isn’t the size. I am feeling very frustrated! I have closed out my listing and will try again in an hour or so. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks. Liv

Hi @livg22 I have checked and your images are all uploaded, I’ve approved your listing and it is now live on the site. You have a beautiful kitty, lovely home in a great location, the purrfect stay for a cat loving sitter.

If you need any more help please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks Angela! Hey is there any way to search the site for people who are actually available in December? So far no one is! Am I too late to get someone for Christmas do you think?

Hi @livg22 you are not too late. This year is different to others, sitters are making their Christmas travel decisions a little later and possibly waiting for Thanksgiving. You can search local sitters also there are new sitters joining the site daily. They might be new to THS but that doesn’t mean they are new to pet and housesitting. I have numerous reviews but started in exactly the same place, as a newbie.

You can search by dates but they may not necessarily be available but you can reach out.

As a Premium Member you can boost your listing but it has only just gone live.

Oh thanks for the reassurance!

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