Can't upload photos: waiting to upload

Hi there!
I can’t create my listing because I can’t upload photos.

In the App, on Safari, and in Chrome, when I upload my photos, I see them, and I can order them differently, but they just sit there greyed out with the message: “Waiting to upload.”

I’ve sent a message to support but that may take a couple of days.
I saw someone else had this problem in the forum and a moderator stepped in to get help.

Anybody out there to help me?

Thank you!!!

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Hello @Zaki

Thank you for reaching out. I had a quick look at your listing and can see lots of home and pets photos uploaded. Maybe it was just taking a little while to upload. Sometimes it may be the upload speed?

I will also ask the Membership Service Team to reach out and have a look for you. Please look out for their email.

Anything else let me know :slight_smile:

Dear Carla
Thanks so much for responding!

Indeed, I figured out the problem: you have to upload each photo one at a time. When you upload in a bunch it just hangs.

Thanks again for your help!



@Zaki That’s great news and glad that you have worked it out.

Let me know if once your listing is live you want me to add it to your forum profile for others to see and give helpful feedback and tips or here is a link on how to add it:

Happy to help if needed :slight_smile: