Please help me make my listing more attractive

Hi, I am a first time TH user. I am hoping that forum users can take a look at my listing and give me advice to get more applications. I haven’t had anyone apply.


Can you share a link to your listing?

Link worked for me

What immediately comes to mind is put your location in the title, make the bedroom that the sitters will use look more attractive. How long can Duff be left for once he’s had a walk?
If he likes travelling by car and you say you’re not accessible by public transport can you offer use of a car?

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Why? The location is in the thumbnail that the THS system generates, also on the app.

I agree though that the title could be more specific. In the app, about the first five words are shown, that (and the first photo) is what sitters use to swipe or to click.

I will work on making the bedrooms look more attractive. It does seem like the location is not necessary in the title.

Thanks for the replies!

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I’ve noticed that there are often many attractive sits in Bend all yearlong (probably because it has so many retirees), so you might want to take a look at such listings and see whether you can compete for sitters more effectively.

Also consider sharing specifics about amenities in your area. Your headline mentions the outdoors and food, so you might want to tell prospective sitters what you’re talking about. This is a national and international site and many folks won’t know about your location. Many won’t bother looking things up when there are other listings that offer more robust info.

Maybe make the 1st photo the dog in the kayak . Mention the weather that time of year, the outdoor activities, how long the pets can be left for daytrip, any festivals that may be going on, points of interest.


A little more info on: How many pee breaks does Duff need in addition to longer walks? Are these using a doggie door and going in the back type deals, or are they additional short walks? How long can Duff be left alone? Bailey’s age may be concern. Aside from the thyroid meds, are there are any other medical issues?

A little more on Redmond and the whole location/area. Granted a lot of people may know about Bend, but a lot might not, so local cafes, restaurants, things to do. Are you offering the use of a car? It definitely sounds like sitters will need one.

My initial thought is which bedroom is for the sitters?

Is it the one with the pull out sofa bed? Or is it your room? You put both in the pictures but don’t mention anything in the home section which I would have expected it to be made clear

If it’s just a sofa bed that’s usually a deal breaker for most sitters.


Welcome @kshine!
Your sit looks nice and it’s still early enough to find a sitter. As a sitter, I would like to know a little more details about your location. I like to read about what is in walking distance; i.e. 10 minute walk to a pub, 15 minute walk to a small grocery store, 10 minutes to downtown, etc. Also, as others have mentioned, how long Duff can be left alone.
I’m sure you’ll find someone!


Personally I would just put one bed photo on it, the one where sitters sleep to save an confusion, as there are two showing, and yes make the bed look neat and attractive, so that it looks like they will have a comfortable stay.


I think it is far better to show all beds available to house sitters. Not all house sitters are couples, and even those that are sometimes like the option of a second bed to escape the snoring!

Hi @kshine , We recently did a sit in Bend, a lovely area but one with a lot of competition. Besides including how long your dog can be left and any medical problems as he’s up there in years, I encourage you if at all possible to include use of a car. Many Bend sits do and we would only apply to one that included a car. Our sit there was wonderful, and we took the dogs with us on several outings.


Because you don’t mention it and show the sofa bed pulled out, I’d probably assume it was expected that the sitter would sleep on the futon which wouldn’t appeal to me. This definitely won’t hold true for everyone but for me it’s a little too cluttered looking. You might want to put things away/remake the bed and shut the wardrobe door if you can. But like I said many people will probably be fine with this.

I’d also want to know how long Duff can be left and how bad the fighting with Whisky is!


I’d recommend that you make it clear where the sitter would be sleeping.

I’d redo some of your photos and remove some of the items before taking them to reduce the visual clutter. Things like hairdryers, dishes in the sink, etc. It’s a lovely home and that’s a bit lost in these photos.

Pick maybe two photos of each pet. The best two.

Speak to vet arrangements and any special needs. Since two of your pets are seniors this is important. How do you want urgent needs to be met and how will the vet be paid. I love senior pets. But would want specifics on what to do if there is a problem needing attention.

Good luck.

Too many kitchen pics. Just a couple of each room will do. Sitters bedroom. More of outdoors, the garden.

I think the best way to showcase your home is to think of THS as a mash-up of two different types of sites: A pet-sitting site, and a travel site. For the sitter, who will be spending their time & money to get to your home, this is a travel site first. So, look at your home from the traveler’s perspective; If YOU were looking for a rental on airbnb or VRBO, would the pictures of your home get YOUR attention? Is it easy for travelers to get to? What will travelers do while in your home & visiting your town? And you don’t just have to entice someone to stay in your home, you also have to convince them to come at the same time you’re planning on being away, which may not be the most appealing time to visit your area.
When choosing a sit, not only do I take into account the home, particularly the room & bathroom the homeowner wants me to use, but what will I do while there, can I afford to get there, and will getting around be convenient & affordable. There are so many sits I’d like to take, but can’t because the home is too difficult to get to, or because I’d have to rent a car to even get groceries, & I can’t afford both a round trip plane ticket and the cost of a rental car. Then I have to consider if I’m going to be able to do what I need or want to do while there (ex: can I work remotely?). I also have to consider what I will be missing at my home, & if I can afford to miss whatever that is.
The biggest issue with your home is it’s remoteness, so you may want to consider including the use of a vehicle. Remove excess pictures & make sure the ones you do include show your home to it’s best. Spell out what people can do in your home & town, & explain how easy it is for sitters to work remotely, get groceries, & whatever else they need to do. And, I think you should make the listing pic the one of Duff in the boat.
Those with homes in Hawaii or the south of France will not have the same challenges when listing their homes as those who live in the rural US, but it can be done. I hope this input helps.