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@Expat6 So we need to keep commenting on this one so it gets put to the top. At least then members can scroll back up and see what the issue is about.

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Hi Expat6,
The easiest way to find the poll is to type this exactly as it appears

Poll: THS

in the search box on the home page of the forum.

easiest way to find the poll is click here: Poll: THS's 5 applications limit application process

Agree with you!

There is a Poll in the sitter section of the forum that asks for votes about the Five Application Pause.
I am not sure if it appears in this section if you only search Owners Questions, Advice, and Chat.
If anyone has not seen it and is interested in voting here is the link.


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The Buried Polls mess is getting out of hand!
Here are all the links as to where to find them:-

The Messaging Poll by Ben:

The Poll About Integrated Video Messaging Function:

The 5 Limit Poll:
Poll: THS’s 5 applications limit application process - THS News & Feedback - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

You can vote even if the thread has been locked, you just can’t comment in the thread.

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@Carla @Angela_L Hey there. Maybe there is someway there could be a sticky thread just for polls. What do you think? There could be a reasonable cut-off date, and then we discuss the end results. Maybe it could be part of the newsletter. I saw the summary of forum discussions in today’s. For example …three polls were held during the month of September. It seems the overwhelming majority of forum members dislike the 5-app pause, no one really wants integrated video calls and whatever the end result is of Ben’s other poll.

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Just tried that but got taken down @Timshazz

@Timshazz We can definitely look into this, as I think the system only allows admins to stick a thread at the top or set a new category, so we would need to look at how this would work going forward.

There is also a discussion around as this is a public forum and non-THS members can also vote, how could we best use the polls, whether there should be a members-only area, and how would that work with our forum provider. So thank you as this has raised some very valid questions and we will be looking into these.

@Saltrams thank you for your helpful post about each individual poll, it’s great to have them all in one place.
It can be found higher above Timshazz’s comment, so that everything is on this poll thread and we do not have lots of new topics created about the same thing. Thank you for helping keep the forum tidy and easy to search.

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I’ve noticed that when you get into the poll, it initially states “closed.”
The poll itself is still open however.

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Yes it is closed to comments, not voting. This seems very deceptive as most people won’t read to the last comment in order to see that they can still vote.

Bumping to bring this to the top again.


@Myhnabird how do you bump please?

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Just reply - it goes to the top as soon as someone replies.

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Oh! I have replied then, thanks :grin:

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Thank you for helping keep this current


It’s all part of the fun :partying_face::partying_face: