Potential sitter asking to bring another person on sit - are they verified too?

We have received an application for an upcoming sit (we would like 2 people for our sit and we only have one room with a double bed for use)

The member has mentioned in their application that they may be travelling with a family member (parent) or their partner which satisfies our criteria for 2 people.
The member has excellent reviews & experience and is fully verified by THS but they make no reference in their profile to this other person and their suitability for our sit.
I know nothing about the 2nd person, whether they even like animals or not , had any background checks but I understand reading through the THS rules that the member can add a friend or family member to their profile/membership.

They also point out that is is customary for the HO to allow use of a vehicle for a sit over 14days or if there are multiple animals to care for ?

Has this happened to anyone else - as a HO, what assurances do I have about this additional person. Does anyone have any comments, as my gut is to decline this applicant.


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