Process For Getting A House Sit

Hi guys! I’m new to this platform :slight_smile: When I am applying for a house sit, what is the process? So say I apply and someone says they’re interested in me being one of their sitters. Do you guys get on a call with them first, how do you actually accept a sit? Any advice?

Also follow up question - someone who said they’re interested in me sitting for them said that they gave their neighbors permission to use the pool. Is this normal? Lol part of me is weirded out by the idea of strangers being in the back yard all summer.

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Hello @abbylink Thank you for posting on the forum, it’s great to have you here and a very warm welcome :grin:

There is some great information on the forum that will definitely help answer your questions. If you use the spyglass and search the previously discussed topics you can find further information and add to the discussions.

Here is one to get you started:

As a sitter, we always request a video call or at least a phone call so that it gives both members the opportunity to ask questions and see if the sit is a great fit for both parties. Never feel pressured to make a decision straight away on the video call and often we try to sleep on it and reply the next day, but sometimes it is a straightforward yes!!
I am sure other members can offer feedback as to how they arrange their sits and what works for them.

You need to feel 100% comfortable on a sit and this article in our help desk might help answer your questions about other people sharing the property during your sit:

There are also some third party discussions on the forum, so please feel free to use the spyglass. Again I am sure other community members will comment on this post and help with any similar experiences.

Please also feel free to add your THS sitters profile link to your forum profile so that other members can view it and give you some helpful feedback and tips.

Here is how:

If you need any help at all then please let me know.

HI @abbylink , great that you found the forum. I would advise you to read away. There is so much important and useful information here. As @Carla-Moderator suggests, use the spyglass to search questions you may have. I also make it a rule to either have a video call (my preference) or a regular phone call before accepting any sit and if something doesn’t feel right, it is fine to pass on the sit.

It’s also important to have a list of questions to ask the pet owner. You can find discussions on these by doing a search, as well.

And no, I would not be OK with the neighbors using the pool while I was there. As it is against THS policy, they should have no problem complying with that.

Best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you may have.


Thank you so much!

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You can trust THAT PART of you, Abby, my goodness. That sounds very odd, and gratefully, TH does not allow 3rd parties in the house or the swimming pool while you are a Sitter, so hurray!

Welcome, and I’m glad to see you being guided beautifully to clarity, above, as I have been as a new Sitter, as well. It gets smoother day by day.
Enjoy The richness of this TH Forum, and the Sitting.

Aloha, Love,
Claire + Tarkina, my Assistance Dog.


Definitely no to the other people using the pool. Not only is it against THS rules, it’s way too weird and has all sorts of safety issues. Get that agreed asap so you can relax. Best of luck :raised_hands:


Thank you!

Thank you I really appreciate it!!

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