Product Update - June 2022

Hi Ben,
I have just read the announcement in the blog although it was not in this week’s newsletter. I think many members will not see this announcement as they neither follow the forum nor the blog.
This is the first time in five years I have read the blog and that was only because another member in the forum commented on it.
Despite all the concerns about pausing applications with a limit of five and concerns by people applying to different time zones, it remains as originally proposed.
Just yesterday I saw two sits I would consider applying to were already at 4/7 by the time I viewed them in the morning. If this was in operation I would have not been able to apply or even favorite for future sits enabling them to appear on my search notifications.
I am based In Carolina and mostly applying to the UK sits. With a five-hour time difference, this limits our ability to see certain sits let alone prepare a solid application.
I am generally a cheerleader for THS but am very disappointed by this approach and hope you will reconsider it.


I have never looked at the blog either in all the years I have been a member. Just found it but notice it still does not say when in July this change will be implemented.
Several sits that I looked at recently were all at higher than 5 applicants when I first saw them. It wouldn’t have made me apply for other sits that were available if these were paused as I am very selective about the sits I apply for.


I notice that you still have not made any commitment to allowing a sit to be shown for 24 hours before pausing. Nor have you responded to owners’ requests to have 10 applications before the pause kicks in. Strange that the blog reports positive feedback for your change and nothing about the legitimate concerns we all have raised.

Since THS seems committed to moving forward with this change no matter the feedback provided, I suggest you should change your Ts and Cs to state "… the services we provide for Sitters are … “3.2.2 the ability to search for Sits by looking at Owner Listings which are available and have not been paused or otherwise filtered by Us (i.e.Trusted House Sitters)”

Thank you


Trusted Housesitters: the above posts show that people are virtually screaming out to you for a reply.
Why no response?
I’ve paid you for at the very least a basic level of communication. I TRUST you to do so.
Is my TRUST misplaced?


Where is the blog? I’ve searched and can’t find it

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I scrolled all the way down to to bottom on the main site and it is listed there on the right hand side

Thanks. So not on the app then?

Hi Everyone :wave:

Apologies for the radio silence, answers and an update is coming soon.

I am on holiday :palm_tree: and am loving ManvsBee :honeybee:. Have a good weekend!

Many Thanks, Ben


A perfect example of why pausing at 5 applications will be frustrating - I went for a walk this morning and when I got home looked at my saved search alerts. A very nice one had come in within the 1.5 hours I was out and it is already at 12-15 applicants :open_mouth: Currently I have the ability to still apply, after the change I won’t even see it.

We can all tell stories like that. It’s impossible to stay on the site 24 hours a day. Sometimes it’s just chance.
We applied for a sit a couple of days ago which was posted as I was browsing. Within an hour we were accepted.

I know we’ve been the 4th application on a couple of sits in the last few weeks. If I wasn’t checking obsessively, I could easily miss some in the area I am desperate to fins a sit.

Hi @Crookie. The blog is accessible using the app, it’s just buried. To find it on an Android device:

  • Click Me in the bottom right

  • Click Visit the Help Center

  • Click the “hamburger” (3-horizontal lines) menu listing in the top right

  • Click Blog

Karen E


Hee hee, I’ve never heard it called that. Love it!

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@Kelownagurl Did you know that on Google this is a waffle? Makes sense when you look at it. :yum:

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 3.08.54 PM

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Very cute. :wink:

Thank you. There’s no way I would have found it on the app.

I am so disappointed in this new policy. 99% of my applications are for European sits. I reside in the states. The time difference is going to be detrimental for many sitters who prefer sits overseas. I love trusted Housesitters and I am very concerned about future European sits. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for me.


@Kelownagurl And the vertical stacked dots are either called a “kebab” or a “snowman” :joy:


<<Why not let the HO set their on own auto-pause limit?
Why not have auto-pause apply to the number of applications that have not been responded to, if the goal is to encourage HO response?>>


Be SURE to read BruceT’s post with a variety of solutions that actually make sense rather than a pause that does not.