Qantas has removed the expiry dates on $570 million worth of COVID travel credits

For any Aussies overseas and non-Australians with COVID-19 related flight credits, who haven’t heard this week’s news, QANTAS is copping it from all angles. From a Government Senate inquiry, a class action and ACCC legal action, outgoing CEO Alan Joyce says “QANTAS has listened” and your flight credits no longer have an expiry date (it was 31 Dec 2023)!

A pity they weren’t listening when we contacted them several times about our flight credit, spent hours on hold to speak to someone only to be disconnected three times, told multiple times our refund had been paid (it wasn’t) to finally 9 months later, and only after threatening legal action, were we paid our $955! We were the lucky ones!

Will NEVER fly them again!