Canada: Sept 8/22 - change in rights - delayed or cancelled flights

Effective today the rules in Canada on when a passenger is entitled to compensation from an airline have changed. It relates to: “if a delay of three hours or more or a cancellation is outside the airline’s control”.

Good news for travellers, it appears, although I have not read the details; I just saw the media headlines.

So good to know! Thanks @Snowbird for posting this.

We in the US are a little behind those in other countries, as we just unveiled a dashboard for what airlines have committed to doing for customers in situations that are under the airlines’ control. It’s not even “all airlines must provide […]” but just what each airline has agreed to individually.

One day maybe we’ll catch up to the rest of the world.

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I saw that today as well. I’m still waiting for a travel voucher from Sunwing airlines due to a delay over nine hours coming back to Vancouver from Cuba so hopefully I’ll be lucky and receive something soon!

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Canadian flights, but I just want to celebrate with others that might understand: Today, after 8 months of persistent contact and queries and complaints, Qantas notified me that our refund is being processed, at last! I’ll only believe it when the money is in our account, of course. But still, here’s hoping we’re nearly done with that.