Question re age

Hi there
Can I just ask- I believe that age is withheld on the data we give so that potential owners cannot know it or am I wrong?

Can someone confirm… Thanks

It is definitely on our profile although my husbands is listed 65+ which he quite likes!
It’s not headline stuff but it’s definitely there.

HI @apresmoiledeluge sitter member’s ages are on their profile I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator so that she can clarify how it appears when she is back on line.


No, they can see it. It’s a huge privacy issue–in my opinion–and thorny legally. For US-based sitters, in particular, it is far too easy to look someone up and get identifiable information on them. We lack the protections against the online sale of personal information that the UK and EU have.


HI @apresmoiledeluge @ElsieDownie @Katie … As @Angela-HeadOfCommunity mentions, the ages are visible on the profiles. They are displayed as per your age, expect 65+.

Management has been looking at this at some length and spoke to a large number of members to understand people’s thoughts. Many owners we spoke to wish to know the age (or at least the approx age) of the sitter. Sitters we spoke to had mixed opinions.

We have decided to amend this part of the sitter profile and intend to also add in more fields to highlight relevant experience, etc.

But we are currently focussing on some key improvements to the site and we do not have a concrete date as to when we will get to this piece of work.

I hope this helps give more clarity. Kind regards Therese


Good news all around. Many thanks.

I’d like to request a tick box

Delights in the curiosities of Benjamin Button


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John loves being 65+. He says this site has given him a whole new lease of life :rofl::rofl:


Similarly, an age range would be preferable.

As Samantha said to Carrie in SATC when she turned 45, “Honey, welcome to my box.”

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Thanks for info re age, though it was my impression that age of sitters was not made available as its our data. Although I can see that it would be useful for owners to have that info, and if that is what they have asked for then so be it. However, this could be something of a disadvantage where owners simply feel and genuinely believe that over 40s or 50s is actually verging on the geriatric and people in that age group won’t be able to use phones etc, could need medical attention themselves ,might have falls .Tendency to put people into boxes and not look at individuals. Depressing… Anyway, thanks for clarifying


@apresmoiledeluge If you click on the magnifying glass and search ‘age’ you’ll see there are a few discussions on this topic, some with lots of feedback. Most people have preferences for the option where the current format favours them, which is understandable but not always equitable. I’m hopeful this is on the to-do list for the product team for 2022.

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owners simply feel and genuinely believe that over 40s or 50s is actually verging on the geriatric and people in that age group won’t be able to use phones etc, could need medical attention themselves ,might have falls

How many people in their 40s and 50s do you know who are prone to “falls” or not tech-savvy? I’m in my 50s; I’ve been using computers since 1984.


Agreed. I design webpages, edit videos. Even had a successful income producing YouTube channel.
Boxes don’t interest me. If I want to do something I figure out how to do it.

And there is a lot this old gal wants to do.


I’m 60 and the first computer I programmed filled several living room sized rooms. I worked in the semi conductor industry for 20 years before I got fed up with being talked down to by young graduates. Granny and suck eggs mean anything?


Yes, I was just detailing some of the things that I have heard said in certain circles. I have actually come upon quite weird beliefs about older people But my point is that if owners have asked for age brackets as part of the info they need, then not much one can do about it???

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Hi @apresmoiledeluge One of my favourite quotes is:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

This forum is your opportunity to have your voice heard, and your opinion does count. Change often comes about from THS hearing our opinions. There is always something you can do in life to have your opinions count. Staying silent supports the status quo. I encourage you to share your opinions, on whatever moves you to speak out. That’s my personal opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sitters’ opinions are just as important as owners’ opinions. In actual fact, the sitter’s age, e.g 64, was shown on the app but 65+ on the website. Due to sitters responding to this difference, both website and app are aligned now and show 65+ as asked for by many sitters.


Oh jings… I’m a dinosaur with a smart phone ,laptop and my government believes I am capable of working until the age of 66. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I signed up with THS, it did occur to me that age would be a consideration for Homeowners. As well as my gender, single status, lifestyle, profile, experience, picture… and so forth. The point being, it makes sense that the Homeowners do choose based on those traits- just as we, as Sitters, choose to apply based on similar traits. That’s how it is.
I’m hoping that Homeowners appreciate that we, as Sitters, wouldn’t have signed up with THS if we didn’t think we were up to the task. And I, personally, wouldn’t apply for sits that I didn’t think I could handle.


Again, this is simply about communication.
Communication starts with the listing the HO puts together.

Our house, for example, is only 57 square meters on the ground but consists of 4 stories including the ground floor. Even if the wide spiral staircase is comfortable to go up and down, it might be too much for people with knee or hip problems. Usually these occur when you get older but might also apply to younger people. That’s why a picture of the stairs is essential in my listing and I trust the sitters to decide if they feel comfortable with it.
Next point is the waterbed. As our ceiling in the bedroom is quite low, I decided to put the mattress on the floor. It’s not that easy to get out of it if you’re somehow handicapped. Again, this also might apply to young people but it’s more common with older ones.
My mother at 82 is still able to quickly go up and down our stairs so if sitters are ok with applying I will not judge their abilities by their age.

Anything else can be talked about in emails, phone calls or whatever communication methods preferred.


Merci Therese,
I hope we members will be informed when these changes take place on our profiles.
Thank you!